What’s The NEW Facebook Change Mean For Auto Detailers?

If you have a facebook business brand page for your automotive detailing business, then you may have seen the alert for ALL Brand page layouts changing to the Timeline by March 30th.I know that it’s already a chore to keep up to date with your page as it is and now facebook is rolling out with yet another change, but this is not to confuse or make things harder for businesses. This is actually going to be a great change for businesses to market themselves stronger and more effectively. Here are some tips and advice for what your auto detailing business page should do.

If you haven’t changed or previewed the new layout for your page then you’ll notice that you will be able to place a big image at the top of your brand page! Why is this going to be a good feature? Well… as an auto detailing business, the best way to promote your business online is through images. When people are doing searches online most of the time we all get attracted to something that catches our eyes. By choosing a great picture of you detailing a vehicle, a rare car that you detailed or just something that relates to your business but is eye catching is going to be great to advertise there! This will be pretty much the first thing that pops out to anyone who comes across your facebook page. Being able to catch their interest with that will lead to them spending time on your page or at least “like” your page. May not seem like this is a big deal but getting attraction to your page is bigger than you may think!

Another new feature is people are now going to be able to send a private message to your business brand page. This was never available to do, only have been from personal profiles to personal profiles. Being able to have your customers personally ask you questions through your facebook can be a great way to either keep or attract their business! Encourage your customers to message you on your facebook brand page so they can feel like you’re setting time aside to meet their needs and that makes them feel important!

You can create so much trust with your customers through facebook! Not by pushing sales on them but by creating relationships between your business and customers. When people can trust your business that will lead to more word of mouth which generates more business for you and all that can be done just by taking the time to tend and take advantage of these facebook features! Detail King wants you to be on top of your game and we know that facebook is such a great and important way to market your business these days. So build your fan base, tend to them, and attract people with your NEW facebook brand page layout!

For more info and examples of new brand page layouts click here.


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