The Difference Between Auto Detailing and Auto Reconditioning: Part I

What’s the difference between auto detailing and auto reconditioning? The simple answer is this: Auto detailing is the complete cleaning and preservation of a vehicle. Auto reconditioning takes that concept further, stopping just shy of total auto restoration.

When it comes to the resale of a used vehicle, auto reconditioning separates the men from the boys. Most automobile dealerships that take vehicles on trade make sure that these pre-owned beasts are running well and look near new before they move them to the front line of used cars. These trade-in vehicles are gone over mechanically and then thoroughly detailed and reconditioned before potential customers even have an opportunity to kick a tire.

And today, more than ever, clean, reconditioned vehicles are selling at a premium — especially given that the average new car is priced around $30,000. Consumers are displaying a preference for pre-owned vehicles and they’re keeping their new cars an average of nine years! Savvy auto traders know that auto reconditioning services will help increase trade-in and resale value for these formerly owned vehicles.

That’s why so many used car managers are hiring auto reconditioning companies to perform various auto recon services, such as headlight restoration, rock paint chip repair, plastic trim restoration, cigarette burn hole repair, vinyl and leather repair, carpet dying and rejuvenation and foul odor-removal.

If you want to get in on the action, give us a call. We can help you kick-start your own auto reconditioning business with hands-on training. Our Craftsman class offers both auto reconditioning and car detailing training with students receiving a recognized diploma upon graduation.

If you have questions about starting up or improving your own auto reconditioning business, give us a call at (888) 314-0847 or (888) 827-2757. Or visit us at

And remember this: Every used car on the road is a potential candidate for auto reconditioning.

Check back tomorrow when we’ll present the essentials of Auto Detailing.


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  1. Andre says:

    Hello, to whom it may concern. I ‘m originally from Pittsburgh & want to come & visit my family soon. With hopes to take some reconditioning classes. I also need some Mentorship from someone who love what they do & dosn’t mind helping someone else. I would like to know how much the classes are & if the owner is open for mentoring??

  2. Trevor says:

    I actually have never known this. I have a mercedes that is almost 20 years old now, people say it is not worth anything although I still see the true beauty in it. One day I will hopefully be able to afford the auto refurbishing and prove everyone wrong!

  3. LB Jim says:

    We’ve usually only specialize in auto detailing but may offer any reconditioning or repair to family. It really is important to hire the right company because the last thing you need is a repair hiccup. You’ve got to get it restored right.

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