The Detail Mate

No one detailing tool can do everything, but the Detail Mate comes pretty close! This multi-functional auto detailing tool can be used to clean both the interior and exterior.

The detail mate comes equipped with a 9 brush kit that works to clean both tight and large spaces. The versatility of this tool makes it great for cleaning around seats, doors, carpets, and basically any other area of a vehicle!

Watch DKTV below to find out more on Detail King’s Detail Mate.

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  1. Tommy says:


    This may be odd ( what i am about to suggest ) but what the heck.

    I have always been a car detailer since 1982.

    What i am going to suggest i get NO MONEY for or anything , i am just a consumer with a thought and idea and offering something from MY world of knowledge.

    Throughout my life, i also have dealt with skin care lines and with the rigorous jobs from detailing cars and the harsh elements/chemicals and water constantly taking a toll on one’s hands i would like to suggest something.

    For starters, Ryan you have great presentation skills and is a real natural and good for sales via the YT channel and such. I would like to help you if i can in an area that might be neglected as your young and or just a dude and do not think of this. You will/or might thank me later in some years lol.

    I have an eye for skin and issues just as i do for cars and their paint and issues. Ryan has very nice hands and is very young, i see the harsh chemicals/water/and such taking their toll. I would like to suggest to him and anyone in your business to try these products. They have a mens line for full skin treatment and this particular hand cream is excellent for someone in this business. I see the dry cracked and red irritation on Ryan’s hands and this would be excellent for him to apply daily and especially at night to cure the hands overnight. Protect them some from the elements of detailing etc.

    An idea perhaps for any detailers out there with their own line would possibly be some sort of product you could manufacture with your detail line that appeals to men and will make a barrier much like this cream and or protect and heal from the elements. Something very masculine and in a tin or round jar or even a tube i guess, just a thought and if you get rich this was my idea lol, kidding.

    No, this is not a direct cat detailing related topic or product but someone who knows about both asking and cars as i said and am offering some perhaps relief of the cracking and red sore hands and the dryness.

    By no means am i trying to insult Ryan, about his hands , they look fine. In fact they are very nice, i pay attention to this as i worked in this industry as well with skin and such. I notice things that others would not.

    The product line is Kiehls. The motto is much lile many detail product lines and that is the packaging is plain and simple and that they save on pretty packaging for they put more monty intpo the product giving a consumer a better product for less money with not all that pretty packaging that most charge a arm and a leg for.

    Check out or you guys get some tubes of this, it comes in 2 sizes and use it and see if you can get your hands in better shape and will make them feel so much better. Like i said, i worked in this industry and the beauty before and had my hands in water all day and i know the irritation can get annoying sometimes and it will also make his/ anyones hands feel better and look better.

    This is the main one for everyday and or night whenever. Non greasy, can be used while detailing and won’t leave any smears or residues, not unless you wet them and applied them to anything, you might get some transfer. However, it creates a barrier for all day and used most effectively for me at night after working on cars. I assume you can read for yourself on the website to this as to what it is suppose to do and i do stand by it. :)

    This other is greasy and would need to be covered with cotton gloves for best results while sleeping, this is a very intense treatment for bedtime healing and very cold climates too. Just thought i would add it too on here but you all are capable of looking over the line.


    Tommy Tiller

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