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Windows are one of the most difficult areas of a vehicle to clean. A window that appears clean may look dirty and swirled minutes after cleaning.

Our new Ultra Black Diamond Window Towels eliminate the hassle of detailing windows. This towel will leave your windows streak free and looking good well after the initial cleaning!

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When it comes to cleaning that virtual herd of auto detailing towels you use on a daily basis in your auto detailing business, there are really only four things you need to remember:

  • Sort your towels
  • Don’t use fabric softener
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Skip the heat

Remember what your mother said about sorting laundry — whites with whites, colors with colors? While that’s fine and dandy with clothing, sheets and bath towels, auto-detailing professionals need to sort their towels by task.

Wash your microfibers together. Wash your window towels together, and keep your cleaning towels together. By segregating your towels, you ensure that dirt, grime, lint, etc., won’t comingle and contaminate other towels that are used to clean windows or polish or remove wax.

Here at Detail King, our microfiber towels are machine washable. But with all of the waxes, polishes, oils and chemicals that are applied and then removed with these high-quality towels, regular household detergent isn’t going to do the trick. No how, no way. Laundry soap doesn’t come close to cleaning and restoring these most-important tools of the auto detailing trade. One of the reasons microfibers work so efficiently is because each of the millions of individual fibers is microscopically split to allow for extraordinary absorption. And what they’re absorbing is dirt, grease and grime.

And to emphasize our edict at the outset of this post: Never use bleach or any detergents with bleach alternatives or fabric softeners in them.  Using bleach when washing any towel will  Continue reading…