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One of the drawbacks of the automobile detailing business is that, once you’ve done all you can to spruce up a customer’s vehicle, and no matter how much praise that customer heaps on you for doing a great job, you might not see that client for quite a while. But here at Detail King, one of the ways we can also guarantee that you — the professional auto detailer — will get an encore performance is to offer your customers an Express After-Care Package.

What’s express after-care, you ask? Simple. After you’ve wowed your customer with your detailing prowess, and while their head’s still spinning with the wonderfulness of you, encourage them to stop by in a couple of months, or to book you to bring your mobile auto detailing service to them, to get a quick spruce up.

You need to tell your auto detailing customer that this facelift isn’t going to be as thorough as the full Monty you just performed on their vehicle. But you guarantee it will restore the shine and get it looking like it did maybe three to six months prior. And the Express After-Care service and package won’t break their bank account, either.

Here’s what an Express After Care Package typically offers:

  • Exterior: Wash, bug and tar removal, tires dressed, express wax or machine polished using an orbital like or similar to the Porter Cable and Cyclo Polishers (and by using an orbital like these mentioned will really help save you on product and move through the job a lot quicker!). If you don’t have an orbital polisher we highly recommend looking into a couple express waxes and sealants like our Aqua Seal and Final Touch Ultra.
  • Interior: Inside the vehicle, tasks include complete vacuum, clean windows, wipe down and  Continue reading…

Having the right tool for the job is essential when you’re trying the build a successful auto detailing business. You might be tempted to say it’s not worth putting the money out for fancy equipment when you can do just as well by hand. But what’s missing in that justification is the fact that by using the proper auto detailing equipment, you can cut your labor time in half and also save you on product — and that means more money for you and your business.

The tools and equipment listed below — Orbital Polisher, Rotary Buffer, Pressure Washer, and Tornador Foam Gun — are what we here at Detail King consider some of the “must-have” equipment in order to get your professional auto detailing business off to a successful start. In particular, these must-have items relate specifically detailing the exterior of your client’s automobile.

And by the way…this is just the first in a two-part series on “must-have” auto detailing equipment (stay tuned for Part II in this spot in a week or two, when we’ll cover the top must-haves for cleaning the interior of your customers automobiles). For now, check out these four exterior cleaning must-have items every auto detailer should have in their toolkit:

Orbital Polisher: Orbital polishers are great for applying and removing waxes and sealants, and yes, they will cut your labor time in half. That’s because when applying waxes or sealants by hand you tend to use way more product than necessary. An orbital polisher will help to apply an even coat of product on your client’s vehicle without overdoing it.

The polishers we most highly recommend are the Porter Cable 7424XP, Cyclo Polisher and the Flex XC3401VGR Dual-Action Polisher. And if you don’t have any experience in using an orbital polisher and are afraid you’re going to ruin somebody’s paint job, no worries. An orbital polisher is designed to do slight paint correction without leaving any swirl marks or harming the paint.

Rotary Buffer: As an auto detailer you’re going to come across vehicles that need paint correction — a task that can’t be accomplished with an orbital polisher. That’s why God created rotary buffers. They’re designed to level any imperfections in the paint to assist in removing nasty scratches or swirls marks.

But a rotary buffer — unlike the orbital polisher described above — isn’t a Continue reading…

Whether you’re a professional detailer or just someone that enjoys detailing their own vehicle, we all know that detailing the interior can sometimes be such a pain and very time consuming. Now there are many different products and tools out there to help simplify doing the interior, but here is one tool that will top them all! The Tornador Interior Cleaning Tool here at Detail King!

This tool will not only help you save time but will also help you save product which means saving money!!! With this unique tool this will help you to clean and reach those areas the tend to be too difficult to reach or just to time consuming to do. Clean all those cracks and crevices within minuets, and make your life easier.

For optimal performance, the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool works best with an air compressor that produces 2 CFM or more at 90 psi, the higher CFM the better. One of the many useful features this tool allows you to switch over to just air which helps to blow out any dirt under seats or just those hard to reach areas.
Now meet the NEW improved Tornador Black! With new features that make this tool more powerful and last longer. This tool is hard to keep on the shelf! For more info on the Tornador Black click here.
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Detail King would like to present the all NEW Tornador Black Interior Detailing Cleaning Tool! If you own the original Tornador or have been thinking about purchasing one, check this one out! With new features that make this tool one of the best! Click here for more info.

Hi Nick,
I don’t expect you to remember, but several months ago I emailed you asking about the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool and air compressor that Detail King sells.  As a relatively new business owner, I found the Tornador to be fairly expensive and debated for several weeks as to whether or not I should purchase it.  After spending close to 2 hours trying to rub dirt and grease out of a tan door panel on a Jaguar, I said screw it, went home, called Detail King, and immediately ordered the product. 
I just wanted to say that I am so happy to do business with your Detail King team.  Jason, Bill, and everyone else who has helped me order products and provided me with information do an absolutely fantastic job.  I could not be happier with the Tornador and consider it to be one of the best investments I have ever made for my business.Detail King definitely has my business for a long time. 
Thanks again Nick.
Brandon J. Gardner
Superior Auto Interiors, LLC.