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Looking for a high quality sealant to protect your car through harsh weather conditions? You are in luck, AQUA SEAL is a express polymer sealant that offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome.

Winter is not too far away, keep your vehicle gleaming through the cold season with our AQUA SEAL. The winter is tough on you and your car. Cold weather along with the snow and corrosive road salt can wreak havoc on your paint, wheels, uncoated metals, and seals! Brake dust, if not cleaned regularly, can damage the painted coating on your wheel’s finish. Protection will last up to 16 washes. Do not apply to windshield. Pleasant lime scent.

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polish sample kit includes STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant, Cherry Wet WaxUnderstandably, there’s a lot of confusion among consumers about the attributes and intended purposes of our industry’s overwhelming variety of car waxes, polishes and sealants.

But here in the world of professional auto detailing, we know the proper uses of these complex polishing compounds. For instance, we know that a good polish product targets paint correction and is used in conjunction with either a rotary buffer or a random-orbital polisher. Depending on the condition of the paint, the professional detailer will choose the polish that he or she thinks will do the best job in correcting and “leveling down” these imperfections.

We know that buffing the vehicle with the proper polishing product and the appropriate buffing pad removes light to medium scratches, water spots, oxidation and other blemishes during this stage of the detail. Moreover, we know that polishing a vehicle’s painted surface also brings out that glossy wet look and shine depth for that showroom new look that car buffs love! Problem is, most polishes on the market today don’t offer paint protection (except Detail King’s) and in most cases, they strip away any wax protection on the paint.

The very best auto detailing outfits will typically use a polishing glaze combination product that not only repairs minor imperfections, but also deep cleans the clear layer of paint that most vehicles have today. Detail King’s Paint Correction Polishes include glaze and actually have paint protection ingredients blended into the product. That’s a unique concept compared to other polishing glazes on the market.

Then there’s our Foam Pad Glaze that will not only perform paint correction and remove light swirls in the paint, but will leave behind a half-decent layer of protection. An application of premium wax or commercial grade polymer sealant should still be applied following the polishing process for maximum protection and gloss appearance.

So the paint’s been corrected, and the minor blemishes repaired. Now it’s time to apply a protective barrier that will prevent damage to the freshly polished surface. Nothing’s going to prevent scratches or car wash swirls from occurring again, but a generous coat of Carnauba Wax goes a long way toward providing protection for Continue reading…