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Auto Detailing Dressings

Chances are fairly good that if you’re a novice auto detailer, you’re not fully up to speed just yet on the differences between spray-on and sponge-on dressings. What we offer here is a short write-up on the many varieties of dressings that you’re likely to find that serve a variety of tasks, depending on which particular part of the vehicle you’re concentrating on at the moment.

Probably the best rule of thumb regarding spray-on versus sponge-on is this:

  • Spray-ons come in handy when you’re moving through vehicles quickly, or when you have a deadline, or you’re performing a simple express detail.
  • If you’ve got the time, or you fear overspray will damage the vehicle, or you’re working on high-end automobiles, then a sponge-on dressing is the way to go.

Below we’ve addressed the advantages of several of spray-on dressings, as well as sponge-on products:

Interior vinyl dressing

Everybody’s got an opinion when it comes to the look of an automobile’s interior. Some enjoy the shiny look while others are satisfied with the appearance of a clean matte finish. What you’re going to need is a dressing that you can dilute for a matte finish or use full strength for the shine that many customers may prefer.

Detail King Pearl Gloss enables you to cut the product down and create multiple mixes from one bottle, whether that be a high-gloss or low-matte finish. Voila! You’ve become a mixologist — a detailing gourmet.

Water-based Dressing

The best way to use a water-based dressing like Black Out is to spray this dressing in the wheel wells and plastic trims, giving a clean shine to tires, rubber moldings, trim and bumpers. This great all-around dressing can also be diluted, spreading the wealth from a one-gallon purchase to a two-gallon product. The savings are yours to pass on to your customers or keep for yourself.

Silicon-based Dressing

Silicone dressings were created with a  Continue reading…

This is one of those things that many detailers go back and forth on. There is really no wrong way in how you make your interiors shine or look clean. It honestly comes down to personal preference in what you believe looks better, but there are a few things to determine when deciding whether or not if you should leave a glossy or matte finished looked.

When using a high gloss dressing or treatment for the interiors sometimes this can cause a few slight issues. One of the biggest issues that we find are when doing the dashboards. Ways this can be a problem is it may cause the driver to be blinded by the sun while driving. When the sunlight reflects off some dashboards it will reflect onto the windshield causing a mirrored image which can make it difficult to see while driving. Also when the sun light hits the dashboard the light may reflect into the eyes of the driver.

Another issue about leaving a glossy finish is that it may be greasy. Most glossy interior dressings will leave a grease behind which can be slippery on the steering wheel, shifter or even other components of the vehicle. This can be dangerous for drivers.

One of the only bad things about a matte finish and which can be one of the worst is a new customer that likes a shiny look seeing their interior and complaining about it not looking finished. Now we all know how bad it can be coming across a complaining customer ha. Again it really comes down to whether or not you or your customers prefer a glossy or matte look.

The best way to get around this is asking your customers what type of look they prefer. This saves from having to have that customer complain about something that they didn’t want. If you only offer one of the other then you need the right product to help you do either a shiny or matte finish. Pearl Gloss is a interior dressing that will help solve this solution without having to have 2-3 different products which will only cost you more money anyways.

The Pearl Gloss will give you that nice glossy look OR can be reduced to a semi glossy and a matte finish. This will save you money, time and will allow you to offer any interior look to all your customers. So get the right look for your interior details and make all your customers happy and coming back!