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Having the right tool for the job is essential when you’re trying the build a successful auto detailing business. You might be tempted to say it’s not worth putting the money out for fancy equipment when you can do just as well by hand. But what’s missing in that justification is the fact that by using the proper auto detailing equipment, you can cut your labor time in half and also save you on product — and that means more money for you and your business.

The tools and equipment listed below — Orbital Polisher, Rotary Buffer, Pressure Washer, and Tornador Foam Gun — are what we here at Detail King consider some of the “must-have” equipment in order to get your professional auto detailing business off to a successful start. In particular, these must-have items relate specifically detailing the exterior of your client’s automobile.

And by the way…this is just the first in a two-part series on “must-have” auto detailing equipment (stay tuned for Part II in this spot in a week or two, when we’ll cover the top must-haves for cleaning the interior of your customers automobiles). For now, check out these four exterior cleaning must-have items every auto detailer should have in their toolkit:

Orbital Polisher: Orbital polishers are great for applying and removing waxes and sealants, and yes, they will cut your labor time in half. That’s because when applying waxes or sealants by hand you tend to use way more product than necessary. An orbital polisher will help to apply an even coat of product on your client’s vehicle without overdoing it.

The polishers we most highly recommend are the Porter Cable 7424XP, Cyclo Polisher and the Flex XC3401VGR Dual-Action Polisher. And if you don’t have any experience in using an orbital polisher and are afraid you’re going to ruin somebody’s paint job, no worries. An orbital polisher is designed to do slight paint correction without leaving any swirl marks or harming the paint.

Rotary Buffer: As an auto detailer you’re going to come across vehicles that need paint correction — a task that can’t be accomplished with an orbital polisher. That’s why God created rotary buffers. They’re designed to level any imperfections in the paint to assist in removing nasty scratches or swirls marks.

But a rotary buffer — unlike the orbital polisher described above — isn’t a Continue reading…

For decades, the rotary buffer has either been the automotive detailer’s best friend or his or her worst nightmare. Using a rotary buffer is a scary proposition if you lack the experience or training to operate this sensitive auto detailing tool. That’s why a lot of detailers continue to polish by hand. It’s either that or switch over to an orbital polisher.

An orbital polisher is much safer and easier to use on a vehicle’s painted surface than the rotary buffer. In fact, the most difficult part of the process is actually selecting the best orbital polisher for your needs. Among the popular and reliable polishers that have been around for a while are the Porter Cable 7424 (or new model 7424XP), the Cyclo Polisher (or Model 5 Pro) and the Flex DA.

These machines are made for the auto detailer as well as the active car enthusiast who wants to safely perform a slight paint correction on a vehicle. Orbital polishers are very safe to use on Continue reading…