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The Mytee Lite ii carpet extractor got a totally new face lift for 2014. The Mytee 8070 as it is officially known is one of our best-selling portable carpet cleaning machines! Mytee beefed up the performance along with user convenience and safety. If you have been looking for a heated carpet extractor and upholstery cleaning machine that can do the job of a full-size carpet extractor but want a compact design the new Mytee Lite is for you.

The new Mytee 8070 carpet extractor is perfect for the mobile car detailer or small detail shop operation. It is light weight, easy to move around and stow yet a very powerful carpet cleaner unit. This is one of Mytee’s best-selling upholstery machines and the first in the industry to include an on-board heater for maximum cleaning power. At a water capacity of three gallons, it’s perfect for both spotting and smaller car interior cleaning jobs. Typically it takes about 3 gallons to clean the upholstery, carpet and mats of an average size car. So the Mytee 8070 is perfect if you are cleaning a couple interiors per day.

If your detailing operation calls for units that hold more water capacity Detail King also offers a more Mytee units. The Mytee HP100, Mytee HP60 and the Mytee Deluxe Prep Center have larger solution and recovery tanks if you clean several car interiors per day or focus on RV’s, buses, SUV’s and conversion vans. The Mytee Lite ii also can act as a great back up for on eof the larger capacity Mytee extractors in a situation where you could use a second unit. Detail King can also provide Mytee carpet extractor accessories, repair parts and all the car interior extractor chemicals and cleaners that you would need including maintenance products.




Hot water carpet extractors are among the most important tools in your auto-detailing arsenal, not only because a clean carpet gives customers an immediate sense of gratification, but because it gives you a bigger profit margin in your up-sell.

The carpet extractors available to auto detailers today work so much better than the old wet/dry shop vacuum of yesteryear. To tell you the truth, those beasts were never intended to provide a deep cleaning to automobile carpet, let alone remove all the dirty, soapy water afterward. In fact, when it comes to shop vacs, you’d be better off just sucking up the carpet through a straw.

What today’s heated extractors do is next to miraculous, immediately breaking down dirt, grease, grime, stale odors and most stains. And a good extractor will clean carpet with water that’s heated to up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That feature alone reduces your labor time by 50 percent — which subsequently increases your profits by almost that much.

One of the things we recommend here at Detail King — in fact, it’s kind of a trade secret — is that you don’t mix any extractor soap in the solution tank of the extractor at all. Instead, we find it’s much better to spray a light mist of extractor soap directly onto the areas that will be cleaned a few minutes before extracting.

After the soap has been applied, follow up with the heated extractor, which will spray a uniform, heavy mist of hot water from the four-inch stainless steel hand tool deep into the carpet and upholstery fibers — simultaneously mixing with the extractor soap that you applied minutes earlier. The combination of the hot water and the extractor soap breaks apart the Continue reading…