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Every professional auto detailer has a secret mantra, and that chant is this: Time is money. Nowhere is that incantation more appropriate than when you’re busily toiling away on a dirty vehicle and your rhythm and pace come to a screeching halt due to a smattering of tree sap, a compilation of bird crap, a fender lined in tar splatter or a heavy dose of brake dust build-up on a wheel.

This is a time when the collection of chemical compositions you have immediately at hand can help keep you on track, on deadline and in the groove, so you can finish the job and get on to the next car in line.

Labor is an auto detailer’s biggest expense, and having the right equipment on site and within grabbing distance keeps that expense down. The bottom line is the bottom line, and access to the strongest exterior soaps, cleaners and degreasers means bigger profits and less expended elbow grease at the end of the day so you can do the same thing again tomorrow.

And by strong, we don’t mean bad for the environment. Here at Detail King, all of our soaps, cleaners and degreasers are volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant, which means they meet local, state and federal regulations for substances that contain mineral spirits. In addition, all of our chemicals are 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

So while they’re safe for the planet, they’re absolute hell on those hard-to-remove greases and grime that seem to become attached to most every vehicle. In fact, our soaps, cleaners and degreasers act as if they’re on steroids — without the Congressional hearings, thank you. And most of them smell good, a factor that makes your job more pleasant and is certainly welcomed by your customers.

What follows is an introduction of some of these products, with maybe our hardest-working cleaners heading the list because, after all, these are the weapons in your arsenal that are going to enable you to maintain a timely pace in your work day: Continue reading…

Detail King’s NEW Heads Up SUPER HIGH FOAMING Vehicle Wash is specially formulated with premium grade carnauba wax to help protect your car between washes. Heads Up creates “loads of long lasting foam.” Heads Up will not harm clear coat, chrome or polished aluminum surfaces. Mild on paint, tough on dirt, pleasant Cherry Scent, 100% biodegrable. Dispense 1-2 ounces into a 5 gallon bucket. Use pressure waster spray to create foam.