Archived Blog Posts for Daily Deals

As the owner of a professional auto detailing business, you should always be on your toes when it comes to finding creative solutions to identifying, bringing in, and retaining new customers. And with the ever-growing popularity of “daily deals” from the likes of Groupon, LivingSocial and BuyWithMe, many auto detailing business owners are wondering if it’s in their best interest to sign up and offer a deal of their own.Before you start singing, “We’re in the Money,” take a step back and consider what a daily deal might impose upon yourself, your business, your staff and your faithful customers.

For instance, does your auto detailing business have the staff available to answer all of the phone calls you’re going to receive once your offer hits the In Box of 50,000 consumers living within a 50 mile radius of your business locations? Let’s say your decision to go the daily deals route turns out to be a big hit and you sell 600-plus jobs. Are you prepared to handle at least 100 phone calls the very first day?

And if you’re currently running your mobile detailing business through your cell phone – which a lot of Detail King trained car detailers do – are you prepared to do nothing but answer calls all day long, every day for weeks, from a cell phone with spotty coverage at best when you’re in the field working?

The bottom line here… Have a communications plan ready ahead of time so you can field those new customer calls, all the while keeping in mind that your regular customers are trying to contact you also.

Now, on that note, when booking these newly found customers, don’t forget that you still need to  Continue reading…