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Remember who is really responsible for paying the bills! – The answer is Your Customers… Doing the job right the first time is critical; it will bring you repeat business and referrals. Remember the old “2 to 8” Rule? For every good job that you do your customer will tell at least 2 people, for every bad job that you do you customer will tell at least 8! Well now with the Internet and web sites like your customers send praise and criticism to the masses with only a few “clicks.” If you do not understand how imperative it is to do high quality work you should not be involved with any service-oriented business. If you do understand the importance of doing great work then you should thrive! Be sure to use all the tools that the Internet and relevant social media channels have to offer.

Know your business: Mistakes can cost you money and your best customers. Experience develops trust and makes a lasting impression. As your customer base increases you will acquire repeat business and referral business. Keep your customers happy and spend a few extra minutes. Those extra minutes can go a long, long way. For example if you are only providing a hand- wash and vacuum but observe that your customers vehicle may need a stain removed from the carpet, or minor tar splatter removed from a quarter panel, do it for free! These quick fix services can go a long way and keep you customers coming back. Provide them the very best “value.”

Follow up the next day: Be sure to send a follow up email containing a short survey to your customer asking them for their feedback about the detailing service you provided. If you do not have a survey system and if a customer was unhappy, studies show they simply just will not purchase again from you, and you will never know why. If you think you have “earned” the right to ask for a referral or two now is the time to do so. If the referrals they provide you convert into appointments for you then be sure to thank your customer and offer them a complimentary hand car wash. This will go a long way with most people.

Attitude makes all the difference: All employees should be considerate, patient, honest in their opinions, and above all listen to the customer’s needs. Look professional, a polo shirt, lab coat, or apron can advertise your business name. In colder months have sweatshirts printed with your company name on the front and back with your logo. To be professional you must also look professional. Don’t wear shirts advertising your favorite rock band or wear ball caps showing off your favorite beer! Be clean, well groomed, clean shaven. Brush your teeth, be sure your breath is pleasant, and smile. Always look your customers directly in the eye. Having a company dress code for your business will surely separate you from most of your competition.

Make your customer’s visit is a pleasant experience: If you have a retail location, keep your shop, waiting area, and rest rooms clean and immaculate. Be sure to have comfortable seating, pleasant aromas in the waiting area, reading material like popular magazines and possibly even a television to watch. Offering WIFI and comfortable seating will keep your customer happy and the ability to catch up with their emails. If you operate a mobile detailing or car wash business, your vehicle and trailer should always be visibly clean, and tires should always be dressed. Remember you and your vehicle are the “walking and rolling billboard.” Make every impression a favorable lasting one. Your mobile rig should stand out and be noticed.

Educate your customers: Explain and demonstrate the difference between high-quality service and the average “Ho-Hum” detail. Review step by step what you will do for the service they are inquiring about. Always show your customers the features and benefits of your services. Features are nothing without the benefit of the service. Tell your customers why they should consider you – what makes your company different. Never, ever, talk poorly about a competitor. If you do your selling presentation correctly your competitors name will never even be mentioned. If you attend the Detail King training seminar program upon graduation you will be awarded a diploma. Be sure you make your diploma visible in your shop and publish it on your facebook page and or web site. Advise your customer s that you have been educated with how to perform the services that you are providing them.

Go the extra mile: Give your customers more than they expect. Offer an occasional service to a good customer at no cost. Offer a complimentary service at no cost with a full detail. This will help ensure that your customer will tell everyone about how great your service is.

Encourage money saving maintenance programs: Not only will this develop repeat customers, but it retains a high resale value on their vehicles. VIP plans are very popular with up-scale customers. After the detail offer them hand washes and hand washes with express paint protection and glamour services by using our Final Touch Ultra express spray wax or Aqua Seal which is a wet surface polymer sealant. You can convert a basic car wash into making extra $$$ while keeping your customers vehicle’s standing tall year round! You can also offer VIP plans and offer cosmetic detailing services every month, bi monthly, and quarterly. If your customers are informed about the maintenance services you offer and you do a good job the first time you will surely build a substantial customer base.

Keep in touch: A Thank You Card or a telephone follow-up call will impress just about anyone. Ask them how they liked their detail. Make the call 1 day after you performed the detail. Always ask for a few referrals. If your customer has a concern about the detail you just did, fix the problem right away! Having a customer database and keeping it updated is crucial. When obtaining your customer’s contact information be sure to get their email address and ask them if it is OK to email them your company’s latest news and specials from time to time. Keeping your name in front of them will help secure repeat business and referrals for you. You can also email your customer a reminder 30 days before their next detail is due, and then again in 1-2 weeks. Tip #5 will discuss how to use social media to help brand your auto detailing business.

Here’s something that some auto detailing business owners think are pointless in doing or don’t want to take the time to do. What you may not realize is how important and beneficial this can be to your business. If you’re wondering what kind of info that you should collect here are a few things to get you started.

Obviously first thing you want to have is your customer’s name. It’ll always make the customer feel more welcomed and comfortable when you know their name. I know for me I always forget what a customer or person may look like. Ways to put a face to a name to remember at least a little bit about them is by adding either a description of some sort. By this I mean either the vehicle they had, the detail they got done, a question they may have asked, or just something specific and simple that will remind you of that person.

Next thing you want to collect is the customer’s phone number. Usually the best number to get is their cell phone and then a secondary number. One thing that really makes a customer trust and enjoy your service is when you Continue reading…