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Auto Detailing Clay Bar

If you’re fairly new to the auto detailing game, chances are you haven’t had a whole lot of experience working with clay bar products. Heck, you might even be under the impression that clay bars are a form of cleaner wax, and that would be an mistaken assumption.

Put simply, a clay bar is a clearcoat paint cleanser. Its task in life is to remove the pollutants that a regular car wash won’t. And it does this without the use of abrasives and chemicals that can and will thin your auto detailing customer’s clearcoat over time. Clay bars shear off the debris that is attached to the clearcoat paint — debris that includes mild acid rain spots, rail dust, bug bodies, brake dust, environmental fallout and paint overspray.

Here at Detail King, we offer our own line of clay bars known as Wonder Bars, along with a juicy fruit-scented detailing clay lubricant called Wonder Lube. We sell these products because we firmly believe that one way for our detailers to separate themselves from the competition is to clay the vehicle prior to detailing. And then build that claying process into the standard pricing.

Best yet, selling this process to your customers is easy. All you need is a plastic sandwich bag or a piece of cellophane. This plastic bag test enables a detailer to show the customer just how badly their vehicles paint is polluted with environmental contaminants. It’s a touch test, and here’s how you conduct it: Continue reading…

There are many things that you can do or offer to protect and help restore the life to the exteriors of the vehicles. One tool that has been a great to use has been a Clay Bar. “Auto Detailing Clay Bars are such important tools for professionals as well as the car enthusiasts who want to keep the exterior of the vehicle in the best condition possible”.

Clay is used to remove paint over-spray, industrial & environmental pollutant fall-out, rail dust, fresh bird dropping stains, and light tree sap. The clay bar will grab even the smallest debris and hold onto it as it is slid across the paint. While gliding across the paint, the clay bar removes the pollutants before they have a chance to be embedded into the clear coat. Offering this into your detailing packages isn’t only good for your customers vehicles but also can help save your polishing pads from collecting all of the debris that can break down the life of your pad faster and also from scratching.

Now a lot of detailers question using a clay bar lubricant and believe it’s not useful in any way. This helps to lubricate the surface properly to be sure the clay bar glides across safely as where water can tend to dry and without you noticing you can harm the surface. This is especially safer while removing those tough paint over sprays! The lubricant will also help to increase the life of your clay bars to where soap and water can tend to break your clay bar down faster after drying up and in the long run is only more costly for you. Check out Detail King’s Wonder Lube!

The best way to clay is after a thorough wash of the vehicle. Wash the vehicle first then go back over the surface with the clay bar. Claying the headlights, windows, etc is not harmful but can be done along with the other areas of the vehicle. There are 3 different types of clay bars light, medium, and heavy. Most of the time the medium is necessary but if paint over spray or heavy pollutants are embedded in the clear coat you can step it up to the heavy. So is a Clay Bar Worth it… YES!