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Lots of people are always asking or wondering why their microfiber towels just aren’t lasting that long. Well there are a few reasons why this could be and one of the biggest reasons usually is from them towels being washed improperly.

Of course it is very important in keeping your towels clean so that they can last and also be used correctly without cross contaminating products or collecting dirt. But… your microfibers will not even work effectively if not washed with the right product and washed properly.  Here’s a few tips of how to wash your Microfibers.

First things first, keep away from using high heat to dry your micro fibers. This will cause your micro fibers to dry and shrivel up, leaving them to not be able to absorb properly or effectively. Basically will make the towels useless.

Do NOT use fabric softeners, detergents with fabric softeners or bleach. This can cause them to be non absorbent or cause them to break apart and leave lint.Here is a product that does not have fabric softener in it and is specifically made for microfiber towels. Click Here

Air drying your towels is the safest way to make you microfibers last longer. If choosing to use a dryer be sure to dry on the lowest heat or no heat. Be sure to only dry micro fibers with microfibers. Microfibers will grab a hold of any lint given off by other items in your dryer if they are dried with anything else that lints.

Follow these instructions and use the correct product to treat your microfibers with the best care. This will not only safe the use and life on your microfiber towels but also in the long run save you money!

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All auto detailers have their own input and ways of doing certain details. One thing I’ve noticed is that some like to apply wax on to the surface of a vehicle by hand and others by an orbital (porter cable, cyclo, gem) or dual action polisher. By far using a polisher can save you lots of time and also lots of product. But there’s no better judgment then the feel of your own hand.

For those of you who apply your products on by hand, what type of applicator do you use? Some auto detailers like to use a micro fiber towel or a micro fiber applicator. Well here’s another solution for you to better work your product into the vehicle surface instead of just using a plain micro fiber material.

The CCS Euro Foam Applicators are great for doing some light paint correction by hand! Just like the foam pads for buffers and polishers these come in a variety of textures for either doing light swirl/scratch correction to polishing and sealing with these applicators. The pockets create spaces for excess polish to accumulate – without soaking into the foam – until it is needed on the work surface. Then the polish is drawn up through the center dimples of each CCS pocket and onto the applicator’s work surface. This design saves product because the CCS pockets significantly reduce product absorption.

We strongly encourage you detailers who do your details by hand to pick these up and really make your work even more impressive! For more info on these applicators click here.

Super tough, high performing wiper is made of DuPont Sontara. Outperforms paper with its larger size, low lint and overall durability. Excellent for rough, uneven surfaces, tough jobs, working with solvents, repairs and automotive clean up.