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Franchises are a great thing if you’re selling hamburgers, but when it comes to operating your own auto detailing business or mobile detailing operation, why empty your savings account or borrow a bundle to get started?

Detail-King-Authorized-Licensee-LogoWith Detail King’s Authorized Licensee Program (ALP), you become business partners with an experienced leader in the auto detailing industry who specializes in something the franchise owners don’t: intense mentoring at a fraction of the cost of a franchise and absolutely no monthly fees.

What more could you ask for — a guidance and mentoring program that is based on decades of experience in providing squeaky-clean vehicles to satisfied customers. And with the Detail King name behind your independent business, you’re demonstrating in red, gold and blue that what you offer is a part of the bigger picture.

The ALP enables you to hang your shingle with our Detail King Authorized Licensee logo right alongside your company logo for advertising and marketing purposes. We also provide superior marketing tools and guidance to assist you in the creation of flyers, door hangers, inspection checklists, invoices and follow up collateral.

These auto detailer marketing tools are essential in order for you to get the word out about your detailing services, as most do-it-yourselfers find the task too overwhelming to contemplate, let alone initiate. In addition to outstanding handouts and brochures, we’ll even help you build a first-rate professional web site that makes it easy for potential customers to not only find you, but to see what it is you have offer.

Detail King Authorized Licensees have password-protected access to an online administrative dashboard for their custom web site, giving them the ability to easily keep their content updated, upload new images, change prices, add new services and announce specials. Or even blog a little — if they’re so inclined

In addition, Authorized Licensees’ websites are placed on the Continue reading…