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One of the drawbacks of the automobile detailing business is that, once you’ve done all you can to spruce up a customer’s vehicle, and no matter how much praise that customer heaps on you for doing a great job, you might not see that client for quite a while. But here at Detail King, one of the ways we can also guarantee that you — the professional auto detailer — will get an encore performance is to offer your customers an Express After-Care Package.

What’s express after-care, you ask? Simple. After you’ve wowed your customer with your detailing prowess, and while their head’s still spinning with the wonderfulness of you, encourage them to stop by in a couple of months, or to book you to bring your mobile auto detailing service to them, to get a quick spruce up.

You need to tell your auto detailing customer that this facelift isn’t going to be as thorough as the full Monty you just performed on their vehicle. But you guarantee it will restore the shine and get it looking like it did maybe three to six months prior. And the Express After-Care service and package won’t break their bank account, either.

Here’s what an Express After Care Package typically offers:

  • Exterior: Wash, bug and tar removal, tires dressed, express wax or machine polished using an orbital like or similar to the Porter Cable and Cyclo Polishers (and by using an orbital like these mentioned will really help save you on product and move through the job a lot quicker!). If you don’t have an orbital polisher we highly recommend looking into a couple express waxes and sealants like our Aqua Seal and Final Touch Ultra.
  • Interior: Inside the vehicle, tasks include complete vacuum, clean windows, wipe down and  Continue reading…