Sell More Auto Detailing Services Using This Novel Idea

One of our Detail King Authorized Licensees actually came up with a great idea to bring in a lot more business with little effort. This marketing tool is quite affordable, simple to design and incredibly easy to distribute.

First design a “Employee Recognition Gift Certificate” about the size of a post card or a little larger AKA as Rack Card. The value of the gift certificate is $50 towards a complete auto detailing service. You distribute multiple quantities of your $50 “Employee Recognition Gift Certificate” to managers, supervisors and owners of various businesses. The boss then hands them out as “rewards” to their staffers for jobs well done or just as a nice gesture to build up good morale.


You are not charging the manager or small business owner anything for the certificates. He or she hands gives them to their employees for free and everybody wins! The boss is doing something nice for his or her workers that has value and it makes the boss look good. The employees now have the opportunity to get their cars detailed and actually save some money. You now get more business with very little effort. This really works folks!

Of course you can put a higher or lower value of the certificate and also outline exactly the package that the certificate is valid for. Do not price this package too high because you will not see quick results in volume. Possibly develop a few specially tailored packages just for this promotion that offer a great value for the customer and that are also profitable for your detailing business. Describe what the detailing package includes on the certificate and state the price ranges. Of course your price ranges will be based on the size of the vehicle.


Design your special “employee recognition certificate” to be very professional looking and have a lot of eye appeal. An attractive offering will drive business to you. Be sure you include your contact information, hours of operation and the payment types that your business accepts. Determine the quantity that you need will need to print based on the markets that will be targeted. Don’t mail these certificates, hand them out to the bosses! Provide them enough for all of their employees.

Detail King will soon be offering a template so all you will have to do is just fill in the blanks and have them printed. This marketing venue works, don’t let it slip by you without trying it out. Don’t play games with your prices either, make this an honest offer and you will have more business than you know what to do with!

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