Opt in Email Program For Your Auto Detail Business

Every auto detail business today should have an opt-in email campaign to obtain email addresses for current customers and potential new ones (prospects). Most individuals in charge of their email marketing campaign have mastered email list-growth basics such as promoting email sign-up on your auto detailing businesses website, in all of your online and offline marketing collateral; asking for sign-ups in your shop, at a trade show, charity car wash event, and getting the customer’s email addresses at the time of payment. With just about all email opt-in programs like Constant Contact and AWeber, you can develop and manage various email “lists” and send more specific emails to each list. This is called “segmentation” and you should at least have a prospect list and a current customer list of all your auto detail customers.

There are many other ways and creative tactics to build your email list. There are actually also many ways to identify offline opportunities to drive people online. Very successful auto detail and mobile auto detail businesses that have mastered this technique promotes email sign up with a call to action on all levels of their service offerings. This commitment for obtaining email addresses to grow their list has become their mantra and is part of their branding and it should also be part of yours, too. Keeping your detailing businesses message in front of your customer will keep them informed and loyal to your brand. Especially if you operate a mobile auto detail or mobile car wash business. Once you leave your customer all you can do is “hope” they remember who you are or that they don’t lose your business card. If they forget who you are you lose later if someone else comes along promoting what they have to offer. Sending periodical professionally designed and branded emails will keep your customers engaged with your business and when they receive an offer from you may decide to purchase your new auto detailing and reconditioning services even before their annual or semi- annual auto detail is due!

There are many new and innovative ways to build your email list. Using QR codes to direct customers and prospects to a special landing page to view more information and sign up for your company’s newsletters, special offers and secret deals is becoming more popular every day. Obtaining QR codes for your business is usually at no cost to you and can create a new stream of customers for your auto detail business.  Generating high quality leads for your business must be the goal and result of great email list growth. Be sure you track the opt-in source and constantly analyze sources that bring you the best leads. Continuous tracking will enable you to optimize your list growth efforts and learn which sources to avoid. If you are not gathering email addresses from your customers and prospects and segmenting them into specific lists you are losing out on new business and repeat business. Contact Detail King to learn more.

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  1. jaylen watkins says:

    Business gets lots of benefits by usage of E-mails.

    Sample Emails

  2. Everytime you come across a new customer you need to make it a point to get their email address! When work gets slow or slower I always do an email blast about once a month and usually always get some type of response.

  3. Email is perfect for marketing – it is often easier to get repeat business from an existing customer than getting new customers. Good point!

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