Offer Gift Certificates and Grow Your Business

Once considered the lazy shopper’s present, gift certificates now make up more than 15% of holiday budgets. Today’s busy and finicky consumer’s not only enjoys these great gifts, but prefers them over conventional gifts and presents during the holiday season. Great as they are for customers, gift certificates are even better for your auto detailing business.

Once someone has had their car detailed by a reliable detailing business they are now hooked. So giving someone an auto detailing gift certificate not only generates cash flow, but you gain a new customer with repeat business and referrals. A real No Brainer!


Offering Gift Certificate Benefits Include:

Extra purchases by customers who might otherwise hesitate to buy for another person.
New customers, as gift recipients arrive to redeem their certificates – and keep coming back for additional auto detailing services.
Immediate cash without providing an immediate good or service, effectively serving as an interest-free loan until redemption.

Blank gift certificates are available everywhere, including office-supply stores. But what does a generic certificate say about your business – or the person giving it? Your auto detailing service certificate must be an attractive gift people are proud to hand to their friends or loved ones. So it’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of expert personalization, quality materials and a design that fits your company image.

Detail King has developed a simple yet effective template for you to customize as you see fit. You can customize the Detail King Gift Certificate Template not only for holidays like Christmas but for other special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Grand Parent’s day. Take a look at our Customizable Template by Clicking Here.

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