Meet the Team: Koleson Smith

koleDetail King is excited to introduce Koleson Smith as our newest member of DK Team. As Marketing Specialist, he will be assisting our Brand Manager, Brendan Ley in the Marketing department with videos, contests, graphics, and much more! Koleson also manages our Pinterest and Instagram channels, posting important DK updates daily to keep our followers engaged and coming back! He is also in charge of our Walmart and Amazon Product listings, making sure that everything looks great and that our brand is represented in the best way possible on those channels.

Koleson will be assisting our Founder and CEO Nick Vacco with various other Detail King responsibilities. He has a great attitude and he loves what he does, Koleson is a great addition to our team! Next time you watch a DKTV video, or are browsing Walmart, Amazon, Pinterest, or Instagram… know that Koleson is working hard to make sure it’s perfect!

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