Meet the Team: Detail King’s VP of Business Development — Paul Angell


Paul Angell, Vice President of Development - Detail King

Paul Angell plays a number of crucial roles here at Detail King, including being a go-to guy for our clients in need of assistance when starting or expanding their auto detailing business. He came to Detail King with excellent references — the most impressive being Nick Vacco, our founder and CEO, who has known Paul for the past three decades.

Here are some more details about this detail-oriented businessman:

Detail King: What is it exactly that you do here at Detail King?

Paul Angell: I assist with the development of the business plans and establishing cost analysis for entrepreneurs as they go through the process of developing their own auto detailing business. In addition I serve a role within Detail King as an adviser to the president of the company relative to financial and product matters. Last but not least, I am responsible for improving and monitoring the materials and teaching for the business portion of Detail King’s Auto Detailing Training Institute.

Detail King: What did you do prior to coming to work for Detail King?

Paul: I am a retired vice president of data processing for a major mutual fund company in the Pittsburgh region. My career covered 40 years in the information technology field. In addition, I have considerable experience in servicing clients, selling and managing personnel and projects.

Detail King: What attracted you to work for Detail King?

Paul: Nick Vacco and I have been friends for at least 30 years. Both of us have a keen interest in classic cars along with sport cars of all makes and models. This interest instills the desire to keep cars ready to show and share with other enthusiasts.

Detail King: Where did you go to college and what did you major in? And how did that prepare you for the job you have today?

Paul: My major was business administration through my undergraduate work at La Roche College, just north of Pittsburgh. In all honesty I don’t believe my formal education influences what I do today. My 40-plus years in banking and finance is where I developed the discipline that serves me — and Detail King — today.

Detail King: What’s the most common mistake you feel people make when cleaning their vehicle?

Paul: I don’t profess to be the expert in auto detailing, although I enjoy maintaining my own vehicles. But the biggest mistake I believe people make is not maintaining vehicles properly by not cleaning them often enough.

Detail King: If you could take one year paid sabbatical from work to set up your own auto detailing business, what would you call it and how would you differentiate yourself from your local competitors?

Paul: At my age, that’s a mute question. But I do teach classes at our Auto Detailing Training Institute, and I believe that understanding what the customer wants and providing the best service is the key to success. I would create an organization that focuses on service, follow up after the service, and keeping an open dialog with customers so that you can enjoy repeat business along with referrals from those satisfied customers.

Detail King: What’s something people don’t know about you?

Paul: That’s a hard question to answer because my life has been an open book. I would say that most people who don’t know me very well don’t understand how important my family is to me. Especially my wife, children and grandchildren. 


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  1. Darin Cate says:

    I’ve met and conversed with Mr. Angell personally. Like all of the DK staff, after the first few words you realize why they’re working where they’re working.
    His high level of professionalism is delivered in the most simple chat yet there’s no sense of being overwhelmed. He reminds me of the best hockey coaches I’ve had in the past in the way he’s extremely knowledgeable and likeable.
    Respectability, that’s Paul.

  2. wonderful post, thank you.

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