Low Pressure Washer System for Auto Detailing

In areas such a California and other coastal states, EPA regulations regarding water run off may put an auto detailer in a bind. That is why the DK 1505 is a great Low Pressure Washing System for if you’re in any areas the have EPA Water Run Off Laws! Also, this is perfect for individuals in areas that may experience serious droughts and are limited on the amount of water you’re able to use.

Additionally, even if EPA regulations have little effect on your detailing practices, being “Eco-Friendly” these days has a market of its own. Individuals feel confident and take pride in the services they receive if they know there is less harm being done to the environment.

Watch DKtv below to find out more on Detail King’s Low Pressure Washer System.

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  1. Hosting says:

    Detail King features two versatile pressure washers, with a turn of a switch the water goes from cold to hot and now you have a commercial hot water pressure washer . This hot and cold pressure washer is ideal for individuals whom aside from typical auto detailing, is performing details on off road and heavy duty equipment.

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