Keep It Simple Stupid…

We get calls all the time asking us to review service menus for new and existing auto detailing and mobile detailing businesses. What we are hearing and seeing is that most of the service menus we are reviewing are too complicated with too many choices. There is nothing wrong with having choices and options for your customers but you may want to “keep it simple stupid.” You will have a better chance of converting more prospects into customers by offering fewer choices on your service menu.


You may want to consider offering just three detailing packages with three different price points. Have an entry level package consisting of a wash and wax, cleaning of carpets and seats, windows and mirrors with a price of $99 for medium size cars. Your mid-level detail package would include a light buff and then wax, carpet and upholstery cleaning, wet dusting and dressing of interior vinyl, and cleaning the windows and mirrors. We suggest $149 for medium size vehicles, you can adjust your price based on the size of vehicle. For your top of the line package consider offering paint correction with a poly sealant and a complete interior cleaning and detailing. For mid-size vehicles $189 would be a fair price and the customer would receive your best service.


It is a good idea to offer an ala carte menu of some profitable add on reconditioning services. Headlight restoration, paint chip repair, glass repair, cigarette burn repair and even carpet dying are easy to do and yield nice profits. All of these services can be printed on the front side of your flyer or service menu. The back side may consist of hand washes and express services which we will discuss next time.

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  1. Great advice, I will be working to revamp my website including simplifying my service menu!

  2. Darin Cate says:

    Although I have 5 int/ext packages listed on my site with two most expensive services being specialty services, my core services consist of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The 3 service model has been time tested for me over the last two years. Several years ago I conversed in depth with the DK staff over a service menu and that’s what we came up with. More extensive cleaning and longer lasting protection are what changes on my three services. The customers only need to be asked a few quick questions to determine the right service and in all honesty it creates a level of trust quickly as my competitors just throw out prices. Why should a 1 year old car in good shape cost as much to detail as an 8 year old contractors truck that’s been trashed? Self discipline is a factor here too. Stick to the service agreed or you’ll be detailing angry instead of profitably. Most customers are thinking “I want it detailed” but can’t get specific. If they’re offered non complicated choices then the detailer gains credibility and the customer gets the right package. It’s a win win.

  3. Chad says:

    I already know that about 80% of my calls/inquiries are for interior detailing. This year a complete menu make over with 4 exterior options to choose from that we make good margins on, to fit almost anyone’s budget. We’ll see how it goes 2015 as I’m the only shop in town doing things this way.

  4. Tom says:

    I get good results from my website. I built it with KISS as my motto. My customers have given me good feedback on it’s user friendliness. Here is a link to my menu. Please give me feedback if you would like to…there’s always room for improvement. Thanks and hope it helps.

  5. Chris Tuman says:

    After taking the two day seminar in which by the way it was awesome ! Must do if your in the industry. ! I learned that my website is not really doing what it needs to be doing. A lot of things for advertising need to be revisited.

  6. Tyler Sheehy says:

    Glad to know that my prices are right in the spectrum. Some auto detailers push the limits on what they can charge and ultimately end up with unhappy customers who do not get what they pay for. I will use this info to make a new menu sheet and give it to my clients.

  7. Trevor says:

    Wow this is one of the greatest articles I have ever seen, also so true. Don’t confuse away your customer

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