How to Dry and Protect your Car with Aqua Seal

Looking for a high quality sealant to protect your car through harsh weather conditions? You are in luck, AQUA SEAL is a express polymer sealant that offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome.

Winter is not too far away, keep your vehicle gleaming through the cold season with our AQUA SEAL. The winter is tough on you and your car. Cold weather along with the snow and corrosive road salt can wreak havoc on your paint, wheels, uncoated metals, and seals! Brake dust, if not cleaned regularly, can damage the painted coating on your wheel’s finish. Protection will last up to 16 washes. Do not apply to windshield. Pleasant lime scent.

Watch DKtv below to find out more on Detail King’s Aqua Seal.

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