Happy Holidays to You from Detail King!

We’re closing up shop here at Detail King’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Why wouldn’t we? But we’ll be open for business during working hours Christmas Eve day and New Year’s Eve day – ready to fill your stocking with auto-detailing supplies and equipment.

What we want to do here is take a moment to thank our thousands of vendors, customers and Authorized Detail King Licensees for your business during 2012 and to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2013. One of the things that keeps us going here at Detail King is the knowledge that we’re helping a lot of early-stage entrepreneurs get off on the right foot when it comes to setting up their own independent business.

Whether yours is an auto detailing shop location or you prefer to do business on the go, Detail King is proud to have been able to offer you training, equipment and supplies for your new enterprise this year. And that goes double for our veteran customers and Licensees — the ones who picked up the ball and ran with it, creating their own territories and finding new business in used car lots, shopping centers, airport parking lots and everywhere else that’s accessible to motorists and their fine looking automobiles.

So join us in celebrating the holidays by taking both days off. You can always call us the day after Christmas or the day after New Year’s and we’ll promptly fill your order or answer your questions. And if you still feel the urge to get something done on the holidays, our website — www.DetailKing.com — is open 24/7 to take orders.

But seriously, take those two days off, for crying out loud. Those cars will still be dirty on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2.


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