Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher

Having a difficult time polishing  in tight body panels? The Flex PE8 Lightweight Polisher is the perfect tool for you! This lightweight rotary polisher is perfect for motorcycle detailing, detailing in tight areas, and spot repair!

Detailers know that it is near impossible to do a satisfactory correction job with just one tool. That being said this tool is a must have for hard to reach areas. Next time you’re detailing in a tight area choose the Flex PE8 Lightweight Polisher!

Watch DKtv below to find out more on Detail King’s Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 inch Rotary Polisher.

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  1. Hosting says:

    The FLEX PE8 Kompakt Rotary Polisher is a purpose built tool that will quickly become an asset in every detail. The FLEX FLEX PE8 Kompakt Rotary Polisher has the German quality you’ve come to expect from FLEX tools.

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