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It’s a new year and that means new business opportunities! In some instances new business opportunities can be difficult to procure do to the lack of knowledge and training one may have. Regardless of the situation though, Detail King offers the very best Auto Detail Training to help an individual acquire these opportunities.

Through the vigorous 3 Day Auto Detailing Craftsman Class, auto detailers are introduced to new business techniques and skills. These will help an individual understand their market and exactly how to introduce their name into that market.

Additionally, Detail King provides the hands on training so that an individual can perform successfully within their newly found market. Detail King provides training on everything from the standard auto detailing procedures/operations to headlight restoration, plastic trim restoration, paint chip repair, carpet dying, interior repair, cigarette burn repair and odor removal.

Watch some DKtv below to see our most recent Craftsman Training Class, and learn how Detail King can take your business to the next level!

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Does your auto detailing business need a Tune Up for 2016? All small businesses do! Check out these 50 Tune Up Tips. Determine which ones are most important for your business and plan out how to execute them. By no means are these all of them but if you own an auto detailing business these may very well pertain to you. Good Luck in 2016! Have a Great Year!

blog_strip_2016_ideas_1 1. Update and revise your business plan for 2016 – You have one right?
2. Make an Expense and Sales budget – increase sales – maintain or cut costs
3. Create a methods and procedures guide for all components of your business
4. Have a follow-up procedure for customers that includes a phone call and a performance survey sent via email.
5. Develop a subscriber based email database and send monthly or bi weekly emails
6. Update your web site content and images
7. Audit your website for good SEO and keyword content, check your back-end tags
8. Publish or update your google places listing
9. Create a Google Adwords account and target potential customers and new niches
10. Reward your customers for referrals and repeat business
11. Negotiate with your venders for better pricing
12. Trademark your business name and logo before someone else does
13. Join your local chamber of commerce
14. List 10 new accounts you want to pursue this year
15. Create a Linkedin account and use it to target new potential commercial customers
16. Spruce up your show room and or waiting area
17. Surround yourself with more winners and lose the losers
18. Contact your local newspaper to write a story about your business
19. Use an accounting software system like quick books for small business
20. Review your competitors web sites and make yours better
21. Make your web site 100% Mobile Responsive
22. Enroll in a marketing class at the local community college
23. Check your employees drivers licenses to make sure they are not suspended
24. Shop your current insurance company premiums and policy coverage
25. Update your current business card, a fresh look possibly

blog_strip_2016_ideas_2 26. Take before and after pics of the cars you have detailed and publish them on Facebook and Instagram, then have your customers tag those pics!
27. Get uniforms for you and your staff, you and your staff must look professional and awesome always
28. Interview future possible employees to help grow the business in 2016
29. Become an authorized licensee of Detail King and reap the benefits
30. Put a fresh coat of paint inside your shop bays, clean up your parking lot too
31. Be sure your detail shop has good curb appeal and noticeable signage
32. Pursue boats, motorcycles and RV customers – great profit makers!
33. Join a networking club to share leads with other local businesses
34. Hire a college kid that can help you manage your social media channels and make videos
35. Create videos of the services you offer and publish on your web site and social media
36. Expand your service offers by adding ceramic coatings, vinyl and leather repair, etc.
37. Seek out new profitable services and products to offer your customers
38. Choose a mentor to help you reach your goals in 2016
39. Develop a Service Menu for your business
40. Offer mobile coupons especially if you are a mobile business
41. Create a style-guide for your business marketing and advertising mediums
42. Send your employees to Detail King for hands on training
43. Develop monthly seasonal special that can be printed or emailed to your customers
44. Spend one day a week prospecting for new business, make new contacts
45. Set up a performance review process for your employees
46. Be quick to fire and slow to hire, check references!
47. Get to the gym to help stay fit, cardio is important
48. Loose 10-15 lbs. if you think you are too fat, gain 10-15 lbs. if you think you are too skinny
49. Save 10% of your earnings every month, no matter how tight things get
50. Plan a long weekend vacation every quarter to rejuvenate and regroup


If your looking for the most high advanced form of paint protection, look no further. The New Optimum Gloss-Coat Formula is a high-tech polymer system that forms an additional layer of clear coat over a vehicle’s painted surfaces, plastic trim, bumpers, wheels, chrome and aluminum.

Optimum Gloss-Coat was formulated to provide unrivaled resistance to etching caused by aggressive detergents, and swirls that are many times brought on during the car washing process. This advanced formula will protect a vehicles surfaces for up to 24 months!

Click Here to read more on the Optimum Gloss Coat, and find out how it can benefit you.

Detail King has added on a new classroom!! It’s always an exciting thing see expansion in your company, and we couldn’t be more thankful to our devoted customers. Because of our continual growth in our classes we’ve dedicated a whole new facility space for our auto detailing training seminars. Check it out!

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Detail King knows the importance of offering the proper car detailing product sizes for our customers. If you didn’t already know all of our available sizes, check out this video and see all our different sizes for auto detailing chemicals, cleaners, polishes, etc.

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