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Nothing makes a Marine Corps rifle range instructor more nervous that a new recruit with an M16 rifle locked and loaded. That goes a long way in explaining why boot camp recruits “dry fire” the first week on the range. They just repetitively aim at the target and squeeze the trigger of an empty rifle. The theory is, if you don’t give them ammunition, nobody gets hurt.

Flex Dual-action Polisher

Same goes for professionals who operate their own auto detailing shop. The last thing they need is a new employee wielding a 3,000-rpm rotary buffer near their customer’s automobiles. That’s because a rotary polisher is one of those tools you can’t just pick up and start going postal on a vehicle’s paint job. It can be a dangerous tool without proper training and experience.

And that’s where the Flex XC3401VRG dual-action polisher comes into play. Rotary buffers can run between 600 to 3,000 rpms, which can easily burn through a car’s clear coat and paint — not to mention leave some pretty nasty swirl marks. But with the Flex dual-action polisher (a/k/a the Flex DA), there’s no fear of leaving swirl designs or torching your way through the paint.

This gentle beast is designed to protect your client’s paint while offering some light paint correction. There will be times when you need the impact of a rotary polisher to level the clear coat, but that’s why you have a powerful rotary — kept high on a shelf, away from the new guy. But in most instances, the Flex DA is perfect when you need to  Continue reading…

Auto Detailing Dressings

Chances are fairly good that if you’re a novice auto detailer, you’re not fully up to speed just yet on the differences between spray-on and sponge-on dressings. What we offer here is a short write-up on the many varieties of dressings that you’re likely to find that serve a variety of tasks, depending on which particular part of the vehicle you’re concentrating on at the moment.

Probably the best rule of thumb regarding spray-on versus sponge-on is this:

  • Spray-ons come in handy when you’re moving through vehicles quickly, or when you have a deadline, or you’re performing a simple express detail.
  • If you’ve got the time, or you fear overspray will damage the vehicle, or you’re working on high-end automobiles, then a sponge-on dressing is the way to go.

Below we’ve addressed the advantages of several of spray-on dressings, as well as sponge-on products:

Interior vinyl dressing

Everybody’s got an opinion when it comes to the look of an automobile’s interior. Some enjoy the shiny look while others are satisfied with the appearance of a clean matte finish. What you’re going to need is a dressing that you can dilute for a matte finish or use full strength for the shine that many customers may prefer.

Detail King Pearl Gloss enables you to cut the product down and create multiple mixes from one bottle, whether that be a high-gloss or low-matte finish. Voila! You’ve become a mixologist — a detailing gourmet.

Water-based Dressing

The best way to use a water-based dressing like Black Out is to spray this dressing in the wheel wells and plastic trims, giving a clean shine to tires, rubber moldings, trim and bumpers. This great all-around dressing can also be diluted, spreading the wealth from a one-gallon purchase to a two-gallon product. The savings are yours to pass on to your customers or keep for yourself.

Silicon-based Dressing

Silicone dressings were created with a  Continue reading…

Bio-Zyme Enzyme Automotive Interior Cleaner

Bio-Zyme Enzyme Automotive Interior Cleaner

From blind spot monitoring and parking assist systems to telescoping steering wheels and adjustable pedals, there’s no lack of innovation in today’s automobiles. Still, one of the disadvantages of owning an automobile is not having a clue as to when a passenger, pet or even yourself might inadvertently foul the interior of your ride. We’re talking about coffee spills, erupting soda cans, hamburger sauce leaks and worse yet, the surprise release of bodily fluids onto your customers seats or floors.

Urine, feces, blood, and vomit are among the distasteful results of an “accident” in a client’s automobile, and as you know, if these liquid bombshells are not removed immediately, they can leave permanent stains. Worse yet, they can create foul odors and even mold — adding insult to this interior injustice.

When such a disruption occurs in an automobile, most of your customers will immediately reach for a simple carpet shampoo product. This may clean up the area temporarily, but what these well-intentioned folks don’t realize is carpet shampoos often fail to rid the interior of harmful bacteria, which prompts an odor to unpack its luggage and stick around.

Here at Detail King, we sell Bio-Zyme Enzyme Automotive Interior Cleaner — a synergistic blend of bacterial enzymes that breaks down organic stains, grease and oils, thus eliminating odors naturally. This highly concentrated solution contains between 150 and 200 billion  Continue reading…

Whether you’re a professional detailer or just someone that enjoys detailing their own vehicle, we all know that detailing the interior can sometimes be such a pain and very time consuming. Now there are many different products and tools out there to help simplify doing the interior, but here is one tool that will top them all! The Tornador Interior Cleaning Tool here at Detail King!

This tool will not only help you save time but will also help you save product which means saving money!!! With this unique tool this will help you to clean and reach those areas the tend to be too difficult to reach or just to time consuming to do. Clean all those cracks and crevices within minuets, and make your life easier.

For optimal performance, the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool works best with an air compressor that produces 2 CFM or more at 90 psi, the higher CFM the better. One of the many useful features this tool allows you to switch over to just air which helps to blow out any dirt under seats or just those hard to reach areas.
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