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Restoring faded plastic trim is no easy task. Auto part stores carry products that claim they can restore faded trim. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t have long lasting results and the trim is faded within months.

Detail King’s Trim Kote is the best car trim restorer on the market, it will restore faded black plastic and vinyl trim. This product is specially formulated to give you results that will last years! Also, Trim Kote can be used to restore plastic mirror housings, wheel flairs, bumper trim, body side moldings, wind dams, tailgate handles, bed liners, plastic rocker panels, golf cart trim, virtually any exterior plastic or vinyl trim that has a grainy finish to it.

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Almost every vehicle on the road today, is equipped with plastic trim. Whether that trim is on the bumper, grill, door handles, wheel flares or any other area vehicle, it is still susceptible to fading by UV rays and other environmental pollutants. Fortunately, Detail King has whipped up a concoction that will not only protect, but revive faded trim.

The product introduced in this video is Detail King’s Revival Bumper and Trim Dressing. For proper usage techniques and more benefits on this product, watch the video below!

As a professional auto detailer, you can wash and wax cars all day long and make a good living at it. But as long as you’re standing in front of the vehicle to be cleaned, it is important to do a “walk around” and seek out imperfections on and in that vehicle that might require your attention, including plastic trim restoration and molding repairs.

It’s during those initial face-to-face customer interview that you have the opportunity to point out additional services you can perform — again, like easy but very profitable restorations you’re able to make to the car’s moldings and trim — that will make that vehicle stand tall and increase its resale value. (By the way, plastic trim restoration and molding repairs are an easy up-sell to anyone who’s selling their vehicle or is about to turn a leased vehicle over to a dealership.)

These quick, easy-to-do, profit-making restorations start with the door handles, plastic trim and moldings on the car in question. You see a dull and faded set of door handles on your customer’s automobile and you point them out. Then you say:

You know what? I can make those door handles look brand new for about five bucks each.”

That’s not hard sell. That’s just a suggestion. And when you slap a reasonable price tag onto that suggestion, all of a sudden you’ve got more work. And more profit. Keep this in mind: Once you know how to do it, dying plastic trim and moldings is among the easiest money making restorations the professional auto detailer can perform.

Most plastic trim and moldings fade in quick order when exposed to the sun, rain and other atmospheric elements on a regular basis, causing plastics to become dull looking. There are no paints with clear coat that can protect these plastic products from losing color and fading. And, lucky for you, most cars come equipped with an abundance of plastics.

Think about it… there’s a plethora of plastic, all begging for your attention, including: Continue reading…