Archived Blog Posts for Marketing with Social Media

What to Brand:

Brand your business as the top detailing resource in your area. Blogging is a great way to showcase your business. If you are not blogging you are in the minority.

Reasons to Blog:

1) Show your expertise

-Use your blog to elevate your audience’s trust in you and your business.

-The more you write and the regularity with which you write show commitment to your business.

-The result is Credibility with your target Market.

2) Connect with your target audience

-As you continue to blog and offer insider information or detailing tips you will build a stronger following.

-Asking questions of your audience at the end of each blog to start interesting conversations.

-Thoughtfully respond to those comments to build relationships with your audience.

3) Introduce other websites

-Use your blog to connect people to your business website and your other social media platforms.

-Have plenty of links on your blog page to your other social media outlets. This encourages others to share your blog posts and comments, which means more traffic to your website and further distribution of your ideas.

4) Give and you shall receive…

-Think of each blog post as a free little nugget of information that will improve the business or life of each member of your audience.

-Offer additional free tips to improve your connection with your customers and audience.

5) Showcase your connectedness

-Ask for comments from your clients. Show tips from other professionals in the industry.

-Ask other professionals (Detail King) to post articles on your blog.

If you’re still running your auto detailing business without the benefit of a social utility like Facebook, you’re just discarding your marketing potential. That’s because the mindset required to sell your services successfully in a social setting has changed dramatically in the last dozen years or so.

In the past, traditional marketing, advertising and sales often relied on a barrage of leaflets, newspaper advertising and an in-your-face pitch that sometimes resulted in new customers. But in this age of online marketing, utilizing such social networking sites like Facebook means that establishing credibility and trust and building relationships take precedence over relentlessly pushing your services. On social sites, your business is rewarded through positive word-of-mouth advertising and referrals — not loud assertions about the wonderfulness of your detailing prowess.

In fact, such bombastic ballyhooing can backfire. You certainly don’t want to employ those archaic advertising ploys on a Facebook Page, where members can take offense and spread their displeasure far and wide on the vehicle of negative publicity. That’s something you definitely want to avoid.

What we’re presenting here is an argument in favor of utilizing all that Facebook has to offer your auto detailing business, despite what might be an unsubstantiated bias on your part about how to properly market and engage with your potential customers. We’re also going to introduce you to features designed specifically for these purposes, and provide tips on how to market and engage most effectively on Facebook.

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If you are serious about getting the word out about your auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business then you need to have a marketing plan that utilizes the various social mediums that are available today. There are literally hundreds of channels the question is which ones should you use for your business? Use the ones that will work of course, but if you aren’t sure and do not want to waste your time trying social media channels that have not proven to be effective for your type of business model then I suggest you concentrate on the one I will write about below. All of these have been proven as an effective way to promote an auto detailing or car reconditioning business.

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Detail King is huge on Social Networks. We have been using many of the Social Networks for awhile now and make sure that we are staying up on what we need to. One of the newer Social Networks that we encourage you to look into is Google +. Now I know that it’s already time consuming trying to keep up with your twitter, linkedin or at least facebook if you don’t have the others. But there are a few reason why we believe g+ will actually be beneficial to your auto detailing business.

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If you have a facebook business brand page for your automotive detailing business, then you may have seen the alert for ALL Brand page layouts changing to the Timeline by March 30th.I know that it’s already a chore to keep up to date with your page as it is and now facebook is rolling out with yet another change, but this is not to confuse or make things harder for businesses. This is actually going to be a great change for businesses to market themselves stronger and more effectively. Here are some tips and advice for what your auto detailing business page should do.

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