Archived Blog Posts for Environmental Considerations

Looking for a high quality sealant to protect your car through harsh weather conditions? You are in luck, AQUA SEAL is a express polymer sealant that offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome.

Winter is not too far away, keep your vehicle gleaming through the cold season with our AQUA SEAL. The winter is tough on you and your car. Cold weather along with the snow and corrosive road salt can wreak havoc on your paint, wheels, uncoated metals, and seals! Brake dust, if not cleaned regularly, can damage the painted coating on your wheel’s finish. Protection will last up to 16 washes. Do not apply to windshield. Pleasant lime scent.

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The Optimum Big Red Sponge is a high quality, thick, and ultra porous foam car wash sponge that is cross-cut with channels to pull dirt away from the paint as you wash your car. The amazing porous foam holds a tremendous amount of soapy water to lubricate and protect the paint.

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Here’s a great rinseless wash & wax in one to help make your car look great without having to give it a full wash up! Detail King’s Aloha Concentrated Waterless Wash & Wax is extremely quick, easy, and environmentally friendly. Aloha contains exclusive polymers that trap dirt to clean surfaces without rinsing and leave a smooth, glossy, and scratch-free finish every time.

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In areas such a California and other coastal states, EPA regulations regarding water run off may put an auto detailer in a bind. That is why the DK 1505 is a great Low Pressure Washing System for if you’re in any areas the have EPA Water Run Off Laws! Also, this is perfect for individuals in areas that may experience serious droughts and are limited on the amount of water you’re able to use.

Additionally, even if EPA regulations have little effect on your detailing practices, being “Eco-Friendly” these days has a market of its own. Individuals feel confident and take pride in the services they receive if they know there is less harm being done to the environment.

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Our Mobile Car Wash Water Recycling System will help protect the environment from car wash water runoff and comply with EPA and governmental storm drain regulations. Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and being compliant with EPA storm regulations is very simple, economical and effective with the Alkota Vacuum Filtration System (VFS).

Watch DKtv below on the Alkota Vacuum Filtration System, and learn how you can be compliant!

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