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Does your auto detailing business need a Tune Up for 2016? All small businesses do! Check out these 50 Tune Up Tips. Determine which ones are most important for your business and plan out how to execute them. By no means are these all of them but if you own an auto detailing business these may very well pertain to you. Good Luck in 2016! Have a Great Year!

blog_strip_2016_ideas_1 1. Update and revise your business plan for 2016 – You have one right?
2. Make an Expense and Sales budget – increase sales – maintain or cut costs
3. Create a methods and procedures guide for all components of your business
4. Have a follow-up procedure for customers that includes a phone call and a performance survey sent via email.
5. Develop a subscriber based email database and send monthly or bi weekly emails
6. Update your web site content and images
7. Audit your website for good SEO and keyword content, check your back-end tags
8. Publish or update your google places listing
9. Create a Google Adwords account and target potential customers and new niches
10. Reward your customers for referrals and repeat business
11. Negotiate with your venders for better pricing
12. Trademark your business name and logo before someone else does
13. Join your local chamber of commerce
14. List 10 new accounts you want to pursue this year
15. Create a Linkedin account and use it to target new potential commercial customers
16. Spruce up your show room and or waiting area
17. Surround yourself with more winners and lose the losers
18. Contact your local newspaper to write a story about your business
19. Use an accounting software system like quick books for small business
20. Review your competitors web sites and make yours better
21. Make your web site 100% Mobile Responsive
22. Enroll in a marketing class at the local community college
23. Check your employees drivers licenses to make sure they are not suspended
24. Shop your current insurance company premiums and policy coverage
25. Update your current business card, a fresh look possibly

blog_strip_2016_ideas_2 26. Take before and after pics of the cars you have detailed and publish them on Facebook and Instagram, then have your customers tag those pics!
27. Get uniforms for you and your staff, you and your staff must look professional and awesome always
28. Interview future possible employees to help grow the business in 2016
29. Become an authorized licensee of Detail King and reap the benefits
30. Put a fresh coat of paint inside your shop bays, clean up your parking lot too
31. Be sure your detail shop has good curb appeal and noticeable signage
32. Pursue boats, motorcycles and RV customers – great profit makers!
33. Join a networking club to share leads with other local businesses
34. Hire a college kid that can help you manage your social media channels and make videos
35. Create videos of the services you offer and publish on your web site and social media
36. Expand your service offers by adding ceramic coatings, vinyl and leather repair, etc.
37. Seek out new profitable services and products to offer your customers
38. Choose a mentor to help you reach your goals in 2016
39. Develop a Service Menu for your business
40. Offer mobile coupons especially if you are a mobile business
41. Create a style-guide for your business marketing and advertising mediums
42. Send your employees to Detail King for hands on training
43. Develop monthly seasonal special that can be printed or emailed to your customers
44. Spend one day a week prospecting for new business, make new contacts
45. Set up a performance review process for your employees
46. Be quick to fire and slow to hire, check references!
47. Get to the gym to help stay fit, cardio is important
48. Loose 10-15 lbs. if you think you are too fat, gain 10-15 lbs. if you think you are too skinny
49. Save 10% of your earnings every month, no matter how tight things get
50. Plan a long weekend vacation every quarter to rejuvenate and regroup


An untapped, but extremely well accepted market niche would be targeting individuals and businesses that are selling their vehicles and offer them your “Sell Your Car Detailing Package.” Prospect by seeking vehicles that are for sale on craigslist and other on-line vehicle for sale web sites that you would want to detail and offer them a skinny version of a complete detail. If you are looking to increase revenues and fill in some gaps in your weekly schedule this is a way to do it!

We at Detail King actually mention this to our students that attend our auto detailing training seminars in Pittsburgh. We get very positive feedback from our students once they have had a chance to go back and execute this type of prospecting. To see how one of our top Authorized Licensees displays this service on his web site visit Bling Bling Detail KingShown below is a template you can use when emailing these prospects:


I see that you have listed your (make & model) for sale on Craigslist. We provide professional mobile auto detailing services and actually offer a reasonably priced detailing package that should help you sell your vehicle quicker and get closer to your asking price!

Our Sell Your Car Package includes:

• Hand wash & chamois dry
• Engine cleaning & dressing
• Machine polish exterior
• Condition tires & trim
• Vacuum interior & shampoo carpets & mats
• Wet dust dash, door panels and console
• Condition interior vinyl trim
• Clean all windows & mirrors
• Apply new car scent
• Address any special requests

We understand that you probably do not need our very best detailing services because you are selling your vehicle so we developed our Sell Your Car Package to give your vehicle the grooming that it needs to make it stand out and be more marketable.

The cost of our Sell Your Car Package is based on the size and condition of your vehicle. Prices range from (publish your price range here) and is normally about half of what we would charge for a complete detailing service if you plan to keep your vehicle.

We also offer New Car Protection Packages if you are planning on purchasing a new vehicle after your current vehicle is sold. Please don’t forget to ask us about this package.

To schedule your appointment or ask any questions please reply back to this email or call us at (phone number). Remember, a shiny and clean car sells faster than a dull and dirty one, that is why car dealers detail their cars for their front line. Car dealers actually increase the trade-in value up to $1200 for a vehicle that looks and smells good!

Thank you,

(your name)
(name of your business)
(tag line)
(phone number)
(web site)

Note: Link your web site pages that host your Sell Car Package and your New Car Protection Package to your email.


Select a Descriptive, Easy-to-Remember Name for Your Business:  A great name is the first step to success. Don’t leave the public guessing. Include a brief description of what you do or what you specialize in. You should check with your county or state to see if the name you want to use is available. Before you reserve your business name be sure to visit and see if the domain name has already been reserved or being used by someone else. If the “.com” web site domain name has been taken you may want to consider choosing another business name that still is available. Your web site, if properly constructed, promoted and maintained can be a gold mine for generating customers on a regular basis.

Develop a Professional Logo: Your logo is your brand. It identifies your company as unique, different and compelling – all reasons the consumer should choose you over the other guys. The logo of a company establishes its credibility and provides an image the public can become familiar with. Branding your business with an interesting and easily identifiable logo will create loyalty from your customers and keep them coming back. Your logo can communicate values and ideas, even the personality of your business. You want your customers to have complete confidence in you. Confidence will lead to establishing credibility for your business.

A logo is the first step in your endeavor to build credibility with new prospects and your customers. A company without a logo will raise doubts and negative feelings, which is the opposite of what you want to accomplish. A clear and consistent logo sends a message of stability to your consumers, earning their trust. A quality logo announces that your business is legitimate and professional. Organizations without a logo run the risk of appearing unstable. You should place your logo on all of your advertising materials including service menus, flyers, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, web site, Facebook page and any promotional items.

Create a Service Menu: Imagine how long it would take to get your meal at a restaurant if your server had to tell you everything that was available back in the kitchen. In addition to describing the meal options, your waiter would have to give you prices and brief explanations of the food offerings. A menu speeds up the process and resolves most of the initial questions about what’s available and how it will taste. Same holds true for your auto detailing business. It’s most important that your auto detailing service menu be a tangible document that includes a complete list of your services, along with the price for each service. Visible somewhere on the cover of your service menu should be your company name and logo, along with your phone number.

Inside the service menu is where you should find a list of your services. And along with all of the packages you list, be sure to add a brief description of each service. You can describe the “features” of your services by using bullets, but be sure to have a short summary paragraph below the bullets to discuss the benefits of the “features.” Your service menu should be divided into sections displaying Exterior Detailing Services, Interior Detailing Services, Express Detailing Services, Value Detailing Packages, Sell Your Car Package, New Car Protection Package and an ala carte menu. Be sure to only print price ranges and the actual price is based on size and condition. We offer several CD’s with professionally designed templates for service menus and promotional flyers that can be easily customized and branded for your business.

Hand out Business Cards: Being in business is a tough game. It’s a competitive industry with many opponents. One of the most used tools of the business world is the business card. They are exchanged at any occasion. With so many business cards in the arena, it’s critical to have one that will stand out among all the rest. A business card can convey numerous things. It can simply be used as a way to quickly and easily hand out contact information. It can, however also be a very effective marketing tool for your detailing business. Prior to designing a business card, it is necessary to identify the goal you would like to achieve with your business card. It can be an identity marker, a marketing tool, or a way to make you stand out from your competition. Having an objective for your business card will help keep you from making it too “busy” and therefore less memorable. The most important information includes: your business name, company logo, tag line, your name, phone number, e-mail address, web site and your most important social media page address.

If you have a shop rather than being a mobile operator then your address should be included. When designing a business card, you want to be sure take advantage of all available space to the fullest potential; this includes the back. On the back of the business card you may have a QR code that connects to your web site, space for date and time of appointment and even list your popular services. Your business card may possibly be the first impression people will have of your business. You don’t want to have a business card that appears to be less than professional. Some will say that you want the feel of your card to stand out. Use a heavier grade of paper card stock bond and don’t print business cards from your home computer. They may send the wrong message especially to your higher-end prospects. Anytime I hand out a business card I ask for one back and then enter that person’s information into a database of either hot prospects or past customers and follow up by a phone call or send an email. Detail King offers a professional logo and business card development package

Send Out Periodical E Mails: It is imperative to ask for your prospects and customers email addresses. Proper email follow up is crucial to your success. Sending out an occasional email blast will keep your name in front of your prospects and customers. Inform your subscribers of any special promotions or new services that you will be offering. You should send out email blasts to your prospects and customers one to two times per month. Using services like will enable you to “segment” your lists into prospects and into customers. You will want to segment your base so you can make the offers a little different to both lists (prospects and customers). Constant Contact will furnish you with statistics for each e mail that you send out so you can see how many subscribers actually opened it up and also clicked on any links you may have had within the content of the email. Services like Constant Contact offer several templates and the ability for you to include your logo and promote your brand very professionally. You can also put a code on your home page to allow potential customers to request more information about your detailing business.

You must always portray a professional image and the information published above in this newsletter is very basic components for branding and promoting your business. But even though basic, must be practiced and made standard procedure so you can acquire new business and get repeat customers. In a few days we will publish Tip #4 which will discuss how to obtain Repeat Business. Repeat business = Reoccurring revenues!

Every auto detail business today should have an opt-in email campaign to obtain email addresses for current customers and potential new ones (prospects). Most individuals in charge of their email marketing campaign have mastered email list-growth basics such as promoting email sign-up on your auto detailing businesses website, in all of your online and offline marketing collateral; asking for sign-ups in your shop, at a trade show, charity car wash event, and getting the customer’s email addresses at the time of payment. With just about all email opt-in programs like Constant Contact and AWeber, you can develop and manage various email “lists” and send more specific emails to each list. This is called “segmentation” and you should at least have a prospect list and a current customer list of all your auto detail customers.

There are many other ways and creative tactics to build your email list. There are actually also many ways to identify offline opportunities to drive people online. Very successful auto detail and mobile auto detail businesses that have mastered this technique promotes email sign up with a call to action on all levels of their service offerings. This commitment for obtaining email addresses to grow their list has become their mantra and is part of their branding and it should also be part of yours, too. Keeping your detailing businesses message in front of your customer will keep them informed and loyal to your brand. Especially if you operate a mobile auto detail or mobile car wash business. Once you leave your customer all you can do is “hope” they remember who you are or that they don’t lose your business card. If they forget who you are you lose later if someone else comes along promoting what they have to offer. Sending periodical professionally designed and branded emails will keep your customers engaged with your business and when they receive an offer from you may decide to purchase your new auto detailing and reconditioning services even before their annual or semi- annual auto detail is due!

There are many new and innovative ways to build your email list. Using QR codes to direct customers and prospects to a special landing page to view more information and sign up for your company’s newsletters, special offers and secret deals is becoming more popular every day. Obtaining QR codes for your business is usually at no cost to you and can create a new stream of customers for your auto detail business.  Generating high quality leads for your business must be the goal and result of great email list growth. Be sure you track the opt-in source and constantly analyze sources that bring you the best leads. Continuous tracking will enable you to optimize your list growth efforts and learn which sources to avoid. If you are not gathering email addresses from your customers and prospects and segmenting them into specific lists you are losing out on new business and repeat business. Contact Detail King to learn more.