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As an Auto Detailer and business owner, you know that you need ways of attracting customers to you. Being a great detailer by cleaning/detailing the inside and outside of a vehicle is great, but being able to do more than just your ordinary detail will not only help attract customers but also help you to make MORE MONEY! 

People are tending to hold onto their cars a lot longer now, and so that means there’s services that are highly needed more and are starting to get more popular to up-sell. These types of services we’re talking about here are restoration services. On top of your usual exterior and interior details many vehicles will have other imperfections in them. Imperfections such as oxidized headlights, paint chips, faded plastic trimmings, cigarette burns, leather/vinyl tears, faded or stained carpets, and much more!

These are great ways to take yourself to the next level and make some big bucks in your Auto Detailing Business! But, these aren’t things that you can just buy and do without the proper training or experience. Just like any job you should have the proper knowledge in what you do. Get the proper training and products needed and guaranteed you will not regret it! Detail King highly encourages you to look into offering these types of services and you’ll grow your business! So set yourself apart from the rest and look into adding these restoration services to your Auto Detailing Business. Go beyond ordinary!

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