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Check Out These Tips To Fine Tune & Grow Your Auto Detailing Business in 2017!

1. Update and revise your business plan for 2017 – You have one right?
2. Create quarterly revenue sales goals and the amount of cars you need to service to achieve those goals
3. Create a methods and procedures guide for all components of your business
4. Follow-up with customers that includes a phone call and a survey sent via email
5. Develop a subscriber based email database and send monthly or bi weekly emails
6. Update your web site content and images, fresh images show the growth of your biz
7. Audit your website for good SEO and keyword content, check your back-end tags
8. Publish or update your Google Places listing
9. Create a Google PPC account and target potential customers
10. Reward your customers for referrals and repeat business
11. Negotiate with your vendors for better pricing
12. Trademark your business name and logo before someone else does
13. Join your local Chamber Of Commerce or networking club like BNI
14. Pursue 10 new commercial accounts you want to “close” this year
15. Create a LinkedIn account and use it to target new commercial customers
16. Spruce up or update your show room, waiting area or mobile rig
17. Surround yourself with people you can learn from, lose the drama “queens”
18. Contact your local newspaper to write a story about your business
19. Use an accounting software system like Quick Books for small business
20. Audit your competitor’s web sites and make your web site stands out!
21. Make your web site 100% Mobile Responsive
22. Enroll in a social media marketing class at the local community college
23. Check your employees drivers licenses to make sure they are not suspended
24. Shop and compare your current insurance company premium and coverages
25. Create a Snap Chat account for your business
26. Take before and after pics of the cars you have detailed and publish them on Facebook and Instagram, then have your customers tag those pics!
27. Have uniforms for you and your staff, your team must look professional
28. Interview future employees to help grow the business in 2017
29. Become a Detail King Authorized Licensee & separate your business from competitors
30. Put a fresh coat of paint inside your shop bays, clean up your parking lot
31. Be sure your detail shop has good curb appeal and noticeable signage
32. Pursue boats, motorcycles and RV customers – great profit makers!
33. Sponsor a local youth sports team or donate detail services to a local charity
34. Hire a college student to create short videos and manage your social media channels
35. Create videos of the services you offer and publish on your web site and social media
36. Expand your service offerings by adding profitable ceramic coatings, vinyl and leather repair, headlight restoration, odor removal and glass repair
37. Seek out new profitable services and products to offer your customers
38. Choose a mentor to help you reach your goals in 2017 & Contact your local SCORE chapter of retired business owners and executives.
39. Develop a fresh and clean Service Menu for your business
40. Offer mobile coupons especially if you operate a mobile detailing business
41. Offer Gift Cards or Gift Certificates especially around the holidays
42. Enroll in Detail King’s Classes to take your business to the next level!
43. Develop monthly seasonal specials that can be printed or emailed to your customers
44. Spend at least one day a week prospecting for new business, make new contacts at other automotive type businesses
45. Set up a performance review process for your employees
46. Be quick to fire and slow to hire, check references!
47. Get to the gym to help stay fit, cardio is important
48. Save 10% of your earnings every month, no matter how tight things get
49. Watch Detail King’s bi weekly live videos on facebook for great business tips and tricks
50. Plan a long weekend vacation every quarter to rejuvenate and regroup!

Whether you are just starting a auto detailing business or looking to grow your current one, this Detailing Business Marketing Essentials CD has everything a professional auto detailer needs to start promoting their business. This CD includes Business Card, Hand Out Card, Door Hanger/Mirror Hanger, and Sandwich Sign Templates.

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Winter is here and the likes of it will be staying around for at least 6 more weeks according to Punxsutawney Phil. If you operate your auto detailing business in parts of the country that are experiencing snow and other nasty weather conditions you should be making the best of your time by preparing for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Shown below is what your To-Do list should look like:

• Develop an email for my past customers offering my auto detailing “Spring” Clean-Up services. Schedule this email to be sent out to all of my segmented lists the last week of February.

• Prepare a flyer to be included with my chamber of commerce’s monthly email or snail mailer that will be sent out to all chamber members. Offer them an exclusive winter clean-up package for all of their employees. Be sure to list my other car detailing services too.

• Schedule face to face appointments with business principles and office building managers where there are multiple vehicles parked all day. I will use my LinkedIn account and Chambers membership roster to determine who the decision makers are at these businesses.

• Visit all the automotive service oriented businesses in my area to be sure they have my flyers and business cards on their counters for the up-coming seasons. I will go and see express lube centers, tire shops, tune up shops, stereo shops, muffler shops and service repair garages and ask them if they are interested in co promoting.


• Make a deal with some of the better local tunnel car washes that do not offer auto detailing services. Talk to them about setting up a canopy on Fridays to offer express services. Work them out a commission for every car I detail while I am there.

• Talk to the pro shop manager at the local golf clubs about working out a referral program with him so all the golfers are made aware of my services. Offer to detail the golfer’s cars while they are at the country club golfing.

• Call my past customers that I have not heard from in a long time and see how they are doing and what I need to do to earn their business back. Offer them a free car wash to entice them.

• Meet with my web master and review every page on my web site to be sure they are optimized for my core key words for each page. Update my web site with fresh content and new images. Have my web site optimized for mobile devices.


• Call the local college’s student placement dept. and ask to speak to a student that knows how to make short videos and hire them to create new short videos of me performing detailing services. I need to post these videos on YouTube, Facebook and my web site.

• Set up an Instagram business account and start posting my before and after detail jobs.

• Look at ads daily on Craigslist for pre-owned vehicles that are for sale and email the sellers with information about my Sell Your Car detail package and how it could help sell their vehicle quicker at top dollar.

• Be sure I am subscribing to Detail King’s blog posts at and getting their e newsletters so I can stay on top of my game all season long and save money with their special offers. I must also meet with my advisors to discuss everything listed in this document and up-date my business plan accordingly.


Being organized and preparing for the busy season that is quickly approaching is very critical. You will be setting yourself up for success if you do this now. If you do not take the steps to set yourself up for success you will be challenged to succeed. Chances are your competitors are reading this blog too, don’t let them get the edge. You are now in the driver’s seat and know what it will take to boost your revenues in 2015. Get out there and make it happen!

When you fill up your gas tank, have you noticed that it leaves your wallet a little less empty these days? Gasoline prices have been falling for the last few months, and they should continue their decline through most of 2015.The national average is expected to drop over 20% in 2015 to about $2.58 per gallon, according to the Federal Energy Information Administration. If that projection holds up, then it would mean an average savings of about .80 per gallon through 2015.

That is a lot more than just extra change in your customer’s pockets! According to a Bankrate analysis of government petroleum stats, each American driver stands to save about $452 on gasoline this year. These lower prices could pump more than $100 billion into the American economy over the course of this year. Wouldn’t your business want some of that excess $$$? The lower gas prices will also decrease variable costs for mobile detailing business, which is a welcome benefit.


What does this all mean for your auto detailing business? How could lower gas prices impact your bottom line? Well the “average Joe or Jane” that always wanted to have his or her car detailed but couldn’t afford that extra couple hundred dollars may now be able to swing it. Gear your marketing to reach out to the prospects that you may not have been able to acquire in the past. Your advertisements should focus on the money they are saving with lower gas prices and why it would benefit them to spend it with you to “protect their investment.”

The average “buy cycle” for automobiles is now 9 years, meaning people are holding onto their new car for 9 years before replacing it with a another one. You can bet they want them to look good and be worth something when they trade it in or sell it. Once they get their car professionally detailed they get “hooked.” Be sure you offer “after care” detailing services to keep their vehicles looking great year round. In business today you must think out of the box not only to thrive, but to survive!