Car Care Spotlight: The DK 1505 Low-pressure Water System

There are still plenty of places in this great big country of ours where you can use all the water you need to wash your car. In some communities, it’s not even looked down upon to leave the hose running at full throttle on the lawn while you push the soap around your car.

But in some coastal areas of the nation, there’s real concern of wash water runoff reaching storm drains and eventually arriving in large bodies of water, including lakes, streams and oceans. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is actively enforcing the Clean Water Act of 1972, which prohibits water runoff.

Now you might say that your mobile auto detailing business only uses 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaners — and we applaud you for that. Fact is, we produce a whole bunch of those eco-friendly auto detailing products ourselves here at Detail King.

Nonetheless, the EPA edict makes sense, and what we’ve done is come up with some products that virtually eliminate any water from our detailing operations from even touching the ground, let alone make its way to our nation’s waterways. As a result, we’re not only allowed, but we’re welcomed into cities and communities with the strictest, “greenest” rules — communities where other independent detailers are prohibited from placing even their big toe.

What we’re talking about, of course, is our revolutionary DK 1505 low-pressure washer system, a five-gallon, battery-operated device that requires only fresh water and a couple of ounces of our DK Eco-Wash concentrate in order to make a vehicle sparkling clean.

This device is not to be confused with our high-pressure power washers, which are very fine products that just don’t fit in to these environmentally sensitive neighborhoods. By using our DK 1505 wash system by Mytee Products, you can wash and clean a vehicle in rapid fashion, using low-pressure water with a special Detail King liquefying lubrication and cleaning solution.

And because of our low-pressure system (so low that it will wash 10 to 15 vehicles per five-gallon tank) there is zero runoff. OK, maybe you’ll see a little mist on the asphalt, but that’s it! Best yet, the mixture of water and concentrate easily cleans painted surfaces with no soaps.

Unlike “dry” cleaning, this system doesn’t scratch the paint. As an added plus, the process eliminates runoff and thereby conserves water, something that is very important in drought-affected areas. That also makes your mobile detailing business “water smart,” another plus when selling your service.

Here’s how the system works:

  1. Fill up the five-gallon container with water.
  2. Add the DK Eco Wash Concentrate.
  3. Turn on the power.
  4. Give a panel of the dirty vehicle a few squirts.
  5. Wipe the surface, using a microfiber cloth. By moving in smooth, snakelike motions, you quickly and completely cover an area, making sure to flip the towel over as needed.
  6. Next, clay that same panel to remove environmental contaminants from the clear coat of the car.
  7. Rinse and dry the surface after claying.
  8. Now repeat the process on each panel of the vehicle, and then the rims and wheels. When you’re finished, look at the ground under the vehicle.

No water runoff. And that’s the whole idea. Present your customer with a clean, shiny vehicle, all the while conserving water and preventing runoff.

If you’d more information, watch the 10-minute presentation on how to use our low-pressure system.


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