Auto Detailing Service Menu – Every Pro Needs One!

Many newbie’s just starting out always ask what they should include in a professional auto detailing service menu. Detail King has outlined below what a potential service menu would possibly include complete with price ranges.

First of all be sure your auto detailing service menu cover displays your logo, business name, phone number, email address, web site and your important social media channels like Facebook, you tube and Instagram. If you accept credit cards you should mention that also and possibly even show the specific credit card logos that you honor.

In addition to displaying your company name and logo you may also want to include a “Tag Line.” A tag line is original and unique like your brand. Your tag line should only be between 3 and 6 words and appeal to your target market. Your tag line should focus on your core services and should be memorable, catchy, or even somewhat surprising. You can trademark your tagline if you choose to do so and which is recommendable especially if you plan to franchise your business someday.

The main components of your service menu should include: Exterior Services, Interior services, Value Packages and have an a la carte section for value added services. Listed below are services that you may want to consider offering. We like to think that a service menu should be crafted with the KISS principle in mind “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Don’t offer too many services at first because it may confuse the customer and slow their decision making process. Shown below are a few different ways to display the content of your services; paragraph form, bullets and a combination of both. Detail King does offer various Auto Detailing Flyer and Service Menu Templates.

Exterior Detailing Services

All exterior detailing services include a hand wash and scrubbing of the vehicles exterior surfaces. Wheel wells, wheels, tires, grill, bumpers, molding and trim are all scrubbed and pre cleaned. We also “clay” the paint to remove invisible environmental pollutants from the surfaces. Every exterior detailing service also receives tire dressing and a complimentary interior vacuuming, dash board dusting and cleaning of windows and mirrors. Price ranges are based on size and condition of vehicle.  We use Detail King professional grade products which are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Polymer Sealant – Our Poly Seal is our best paint protection service we offer and excellent for new vehicles. Protection will last up to 12 months. Poly Seal lasts longer than wax or polish because it bonds an invisible layer of protection to the paint with a process called molecular crosslinking. Our Poly Seal will yield a beautiful dazzling shine! Re seals should be done annually and we will contact you 30 days prior to the anniversary date of your initial Poly Seal application. Price Range: $129 – $169 – Annual Re Seals: $69 – $109

Buff ‘N Wax – Our Buff ‘N Wax process includes a 2 step buffing and polishing procedure to remove light scratches and oxidation from the painted surfaces. A generous amount of Cherry Carnauba Wet Wax is then machine applied to protect and provide a wet look finish. Protection will last up to 6 months. If scratches and other paint imperfections are severe but repairable by compounding the painted surfaces prior to the polishing procedure an extra cost could be incurred. Price Range: $89 – $129 – Compounding – $10 – $50

Wash ‘N Wax – This service is ideal for a vehicle that has very little paint imperfections. No buffing or polishing is included with our Wash ‘N Wax. A generous amount of Cherry Carnauba Wet Wax is machine applied to all painted surfaces. This service is recommended for short term protection and is popular to have completed just before winter and as a cosmetic maintenance service in between complete details and poly re seals. Price Range: $49 – $89

Interior Detailing Services

Complete Interior

  • Air purge interior components to loosen debris
  • Vacuum carpets, seating surfaces, rear deck or cargo area
  • Carefully clean headliner
  • Scrub and clean all vinyl and leather components
  • Clean and detail console, steering wheel, dashboard and door panels
  • Special attention to all cracks, crevices, pockets, levers, buttons and bezels
  • Clean carpets and all seating surfaces to remove stains and stale odors
  • Condition all vinyl and leather components
  • Clean windows, mirrors, gauges and chrome
  • Apply interior fragrance (with customer’s permission)

Price Range: $79 – $129 (additional cost for extra dirty interiors)

Interior Spruce Up

  • Air purge interior components to loosen debris
  • Vacuum carpets, seating surfaces, rear deck or cargo area
  • Express clean all vinyl and leather components
  • Clean console, steering wheel, dash board and door panels
  • Condition vinyl and leather components
  • Clean windows, mirrors, gauges and chrome
  • Apply interior fragrance (with customers permission)

Price Range: $39 – $89 (excessively dirty interiors not eligible for this service)

Fabric Protection

  • Ideal for new vehicles!
  • Invisible barrier protects against food and protein spills
  • Odorless and colorless once dried
  • Makes vacuuming quicker and easier
  • Keeps carpets and upholstery cleaner longer
  • Perfect for kid and pet mobiles
  • Leather protection included for leather seating surface

Price Range: $39 – $89 (carpets and upholstery must be cleaned first if not new)

Auto Detailing Value Packages

Platinum Package – Our Platinum package includes our Buff ‘N Wax and Complete Interior service. You save about 10% when purchasing this package. You can upgrade this package and request Poly Seal versus Cherry Wet Wax to increase painted surfaces length of protection.

Price Range: $149 – $219 (compounding and or poly seal extra charge)

New Vehicle Protection Package – Our New Car Protection Package is perfect for vehicles that are still practically brand new and need very little cleaning and detailing. Vehicles that are 60 days old or newer are eligible for this service. Our New Vehicle Protection Package is a fraction of what the new car dealer charges and you receive a much better job from us! Package includes:

  • Complete hand wash and claying of painted surfaces
  • Machine apply Polymer Sealant to all painted and chrome surfaces
  • Apply Fabric Protection to carpets and upholstered seating surfaces
  • Apply leather conditioner to leather trim and seating surfaces
  • Apply vinyl conditioner with UV protection to all vinyl components
  • Clean windows and mirrors

Price Range: $195 – $295 (price depends on size of vehicle)

Sell Your Car Package – If you are considering selling your car on your own you should definitely consider our Sell Your Car Package. Not only will this package help you sell your vehicle quicker but it will also help you get top dollar! We realize you do not want to invest in our best protection services, you just mainly want it clean, shinning and smelling good. Here is what we provide with this package:

  • Hand wash and claying of painted surfaces
  • Wash ‘N Wax service
  • Interior Spruce Up service
  • Carpet cleaning

Price Range: $99 – $159 (engine compartment shampooing and dressing additional)

A La Carte Detailing Services

Leather Seats Cleaning and Conditioning – Clean and condition leather seats with properly pH balanced cleaner. Condition leather to keep surfaces soft and supple and instill a new conditioned look. Dry and dirty leather will eventually crack and the dye will wear off. This service is recommended at least twice per year. Price Range: $29 – $69

The more popular a la carte services that you can add to your service menu are as follows. Keep in mind not only to list the “features” of the services but be sure to show the “benefits” to those services.

Engine ShampooingPaint Chip RepairPlastic Trim Restoration –  Headlight Restoration

Ozone Odor RemovalCigarette Burn RepairCarpet DyingVinyl and Leather Repair

If you have questions about this service menu or need some help setting up your own auto detailing service menu give the team at Detail King a call – 1888-314-0847. You can also see additional templates of auto detailing flyers and rack cards.

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