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Welcome to the dog days of summer. The kids are headed back to school, summer vacations are coming to a close. With all of that going on your car has probably been through a lot.

Let the experts here at Detail King show you the best way to keep your car clean in the summer.

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Summer time means travel. The kids are out of school and the weather is nice so families are going on vacation. Family vacations are a rough experience for a car’s interior.

Between snack crumbs, pet hair, and typical dirt stains carpets require a lot of attention after a vacation. Let the experts here at Detail King show you the best way to clean your vehicle’s carpet by hand.

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If you’ve attended any of our auto detailer training programs, you know there’s a respectable amount of homework involved in successfully running your own auto detailing business. And one area where you don’t want to scrimp on the research is in knowing the local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for your neck of the woods.

EPA_Rules_Auto_DetailingSpecifically, we’re talking about the Clean Water Act, a 35-year-old amendment to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act that sets the rules for discharging pollutants into the waters within and surrounding the United States. In other words, this heavily enforced law prohibits businesses — including auto detail businesses — from dumping dirty and polluted water into sewers, drains and culverts that may lead to pristine creeks, streams, lakes and a couple of oceans.

Many new hotshot detailers who hit the deck running without first doing their homework on federal environmental laws find themselves at the other end of some fairly hefty fines. We’re not talking about a slap on the wrist here. And these fines are far from resembling your typical parking ticket. When the feds get their dander up over dirty water, they’re likely to impose fines of thousands of dollars, and they’ve even put some mobile detailers out of business!

So it would behoove you to check out your local EPA laws before you even think about turning the spigot on that hose. You don’t want to be known as that car detailer who bought all kinds of auto detailing equipment but neglected to ensure you have the gear necessary to keep water from entering the ecosystem. Here at Detail King, we’ve come up with a wide variety of Continue reading…

On the surface, it might appear as if operating your own mobile or fixed-site auto detailing business would be a piece of cake. Buy some equipment, stock up on some auto detail products from Detail King, and hit the road looking for car-owning prospects.

But here’s where we remind you that your new enterprise is a bona fide business undertaking — a venture that should include the appropriate amounts of planning, troubleshooting and an entire notebook page full of “what ifs.” And chief among those considerations should be insurance.

We know. We’ve heard it before. “Nothing’s going to happen,” you say. “It’s such a small business — I don’t need insurance,” you reason. “Insurance will just eat up my profits,” you claim.

Truth of the matter is, one of the first things you should be looking at — maybe even before picking out a rotary buffer and an orbital polisher — is business insurance. And that’s particularly important when you consider you’re working daily with other people’s property.

What we offer below is information on the three basic insurance components for an auto-detailing business — general liability insurance, garage keepers insurance (fixed-site location), business interruption insurance, and workman’s compensation insurance.

General Liability Insurance

A part of the general insurance system of risk financing is to protect you from the inherent risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. Among a laundry list of other potential mishaps, this coverage protects your auto detailing customers in the event one of them is injured by a piece of equipment on your property or even in the case that a customer trips on a cord or hose and falls down and is injured while you’re doing work for them. You should look for coverage quotes in the $500,000 to $1 million range, which covers general liability in those amounts for your shop and/or mobile operation.

While you’re at it, inquire about an Continue reading…

As detailers, we love to have our personal vehicles washed-up and looking good. Also, I think we all know the feeling of waking up the morning after washing our car just to find bird crap sitting on our hood. Not only does this diminish the appearance of the vehicle, but even worse, it damages the paint! If you happen to spot some bird droppings on your vehicle’s paint, you’ll want to remove it ASAP!

It’s always a good idea to carry some spray-wax, some interior cleaner, and some microfiber towels in your vehicle for emergency situations. Whether it be spilled coffee (which has happened to me on cloth seats, I treated it quickly and it looks fine!), or bird-poo, having a little “emergency detailing kit” in your vehicle can save you from having massive headaches down the road!

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