Archived Blog Posts for December, 2015

Washing your vehicle can actually do more harm then good! When you wash your vehicle, your wash mitt collects the contaminates on the surface of the vehicle. These contaminates are then transferred into the wash bucket you are using. These contaminates are then picked back up by your wash mitt, every time it goes into the bucket!

Since your wash mitt stays continuously contaminated, you are actually putting micro-scratches and swirls into your vehicle as you wash it! Our Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System makes washing your vehicle safer and simpler. The Grit Guard traps harmful contaminates and keeps your wash water free of dirt and paint-scratching particles, leaving you with the perfect wash water.

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Interior auto detailing can some times be a cumbersome task, especially if the interior is full of sand, pet hair, dirt, and other grime. Luckily, a solution has been found! The Tornador ZV-2000 Velocity Vac is a innovative tool made to be equipped with the Tornador Black. By combining the outstanding cleaning power of the patented Tornador Black with the innovative Velocity Vac, automotive detailing will never be the same again!

By utilizing this tool, the task of upholstery and interior cleaning/detailing has gone from a never ending process to being done in the blink of an eye!

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When it comes to auto detailing, a brush is a key tool for any auto detailer. Since brushes come in such a vast variety, choosing the appropriate brush for a task can become daunting. Because of this, Detail King recommends a multi-use brush such as the Soft Bristle Brush.

This brush is the perfect soft bristle brush to use for dressing your tires, cleaning your wheels, and even cleaning interior components of the vehicle. The green flagged tip polystyrene bristles are chemical resistant to acids, heat and detergents, and provides for gentle washing of any surface. Additionally, this soft bristle brush is perfect to use to clean clear coated wheels, door jambs, engine compartments, and vinyl & leather interior components.

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In areas such a California and other coastal states, EPA regulations regarding water run off may put an auto detailer in a bind. That is why the DK 1505 is a great Low Pressure Washing System for if you’re in any areas the have EPA Water Run Off Laws! Also, this is perfect for individuals in areas that may experience serious droughts and are limited on the amount of water you’re able to use.

Additionally, even if EPA regulations have little effect on your detailing practices, being “Eco-Friendly” these days has a market of its own. Individuals feel confident and take pride in the services they receive if they know there is less harm being done to the environment.

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We all know how difficult it is to replicate natural sunlight within your auto detail shop, or maybe the sun just isn’t shining that day. What ever the reason may be, Detail King has your solution. The FLEX Swirl Finder Light is the perfect tool for spotting any imperfections when buffing or doing paint correction to a vehicle.

As it would seem, an individual can find more imperfections while using this light, as opposed to natural sunlight. The Flex Swirl Finder Light is by no means a typical flash light, as it utilizes technology for proper identification of imperfections within clear coat/paint.

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