Archived Blog Posts for July, 2015


Uber has partnered up with Detail King® Licensees and their local independent representatives here in the Pittsburgh area to offer Professional Hand Car Washing and Detailing Services at a special corporate rate. This dynamic duo is about to change the game for Detail King Licensees, and perhaps detailers world wide! Click Here to read full press release and to get more details.


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As you know, there are many different ways to remove brake dust from your wheels and rims. However, Detail Kings Brake Up Wheel Brightener is not your ordinary wheel cleaner. This product contains ammonia bi-fluoride, which is a step below an acid based product. This product unlike an acid though will not harm or damage your wheels in anyway!

Check out the DKtv video below, and find out how easy cleaning brake dust really is!

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Removing stubborn break dust from your wheels may be a bit of a challenge. Let the DK staff show you just how easy it can be, when using Green Stuff Magnum. A very strong degreaser for heavy-duty cleaning. Ideal for wheels, engines, wheel wells, bed liners, greasy door jambs.

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Cleaning you wheels can always be a frustrating task, especially if you are not using the right products. However, Detail King offers some of the best engine degreaser and wheel cleaner on the market! Our Citrus Cleaner & Wheel Degreaser is very powerful and a super concentrated cleaner, which will easily whisk away brake dust and other road grim.

Watch the DKtv video below and get the tips on how to clean your wheels, frustration free!

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