Archived Blog Posts for October, 2012

If you were to rank various occupations on how important a computer is to the success of that business, we’re pretty sure auto detailing professionals would be near the bottom of the heap, some of them proclaiming, “I work with my hands and I don’t need a damned computer.” So it’s understandable why many auto detailers question if it’s even worth the time and expense to invest in a professional website.

In most cases, this hesitation to be ushered into the 21st century boils down to the fact that some car detailers are just stuck in their ways. Or they don’t want to shell out good money for a computer. And then there’s the expense of hiring some high-priced technology wiz to set up their website.

But here’s the thing: Nearly all the detailers for whom we’ve developed a website (yes, in addition to training professional auto detailers and selling the best professional-grade auto detailing equipment and supplies, we build websites for our Authorized Detail King Licensees) have told us that 50 percent to 80 percent of their new business is generated through that website!

Let’s face it. You can only go out and physically market your auto detailing business so many hours a day. And unless you’re a Marvel action figure, there’s only so much real estate that you can cover in the course of a day. On the other hand, a professionally built and maintained website sells and markets for your auto detailing business 24/7. That means your website is still up and running — being perused by potential patrons — while you’re sleeping, eating, working or even on vacation. Beginning to get the picture?

Some of the other advantages of having a professional website for your auto detailing business include: Continue reading…

New labels for Detail King products, featuring a unique color-coding system

As it should be with all businesses, there comes a time when you have step back and take a studied look at how you’re doing. And to tell you the truth, we do that a lot here at Detail King. In fact it was during one of these internal evaluations that we came to the conclusion we could do a better job of labeling our products.

When you think about it, you — our customers — are already detail oriented. But what we set out to do here is create product labels that are easier to read. Not only that, but labels that are color-coded for quick recognition when you’re grabbing a bottle up in a hurry to finish up a detailing project. As an added benefit, this will really come in handy when training the novice.

Here’s a rundown of the recent changes we’ve made:

A new look to our labels: Our crack creative design team came up with labels that are more recognizable. And, since we stand behind our products 100 percent, we went ahead and added a big type size that practically shouts out the name DETAIL KING.

It comes in colors: Not only do our product labels have a new look and design, but they’re specifically color coordinated to help you more easily recognize what type of product or chemical it is that you’re pulling off the shop shelf or out of the back of your mobile rig. Here’s how we determined how those colors should be represented: Continue reading…

Nick Vacco, Detail King Founder & CEO

There’s not a whole lot about the auto detailing business that Nick Vacco doesn’t know first hand, and he gained that knowledge and experience from scratch. He didn’t haphazardly stumble across the idea for Detail King. Nor did he waltz on in and inherit a family dynasty. And once he did become successful at it, Nick didn’t sit back and let other people run the business.

Nope. There’s a good reason why Nick Vacco became founder and president of Detail King — among the largest auto detailing supply, equipment and training companies in the nation — and that reason is this: Early on, he rolled up his sleeves, dipped either a brush, towel or sponge into a bucket of warm sudsy water, and then scrubbed and cleaned the nearest nonmoving vehicle in the vicinity.

It’s been nearly three decades since young Nick, a college kid with a fierce interest in generating extra cash, started washing and waxing cars around his campus, using cleaning gear and solvents that he crammed into the trunk of his car.

A few years later, he moved the equipment out of his car and into a four-bay shop that featured a showroom and a customer waiting area. He called his business King of the Road Auto Appearance Center and it became the most successful auto detailing and restyling business within the city limits of Pittsburgh, PA.

It wasn’t too long before Nick started up a half dozen side businesses within the tight confines of his  Continue reading…