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This is one of those things that many detailers go back and forth on. There is really no wrong way in how you make your interiors shine or look clean. It honestly comes down to personal preference in what you believe looks better, but there are a few things to determine when deciding whether or not if you should leave a glossy or matte finished looked.

When using a high gloss dressing or treatment for the interiors sometimes this can cause a few slight issues. One of the biggest issues that we find are when doing the dashboards. Ways this can be a problem is it may cause the driver to be blinded by the sun while driving. When the sunlight reflects off some dashboards it will reflect onto the windshield causing a mirrored image which can make it difficult to see while driving. Also when the sun light hits the dashboard the light may reflect into the eyes of the driver.

Another issue about leaving a glossy finish is that it may be greasy. Most glossy interior dressings will leave a grease behind which can be slippery on the steering wheel, shifter or even other components of the vehicle. This can be dangerous for drivers.

One of the only bad things about a matte finish and which can be one of the worst is a new customer that likes a shiny look seeing their interior and complaining about it not looking finished. Now we all know how bad it can be coming across a complaining customer ha. Again it really comes down to whether or not you or your customers prefer a glossy or matte look.

The best way to get around this is asking your customers what type of look they prefer. This saves from having to have that customer complain about something that they didn’t want. If you only offer one of the other then you need the right product to help you do either a shiny or matte finish. Pearl Gloss is a interior dressing that will help solve this solution without having to have 2-3 different products which will only cost you more money anyways.

The Pearl Gloss will give you that nice glossy look OR can be reduced to a semi glossy and a matte finish. This will save you money, time and will allow you to offer any interior look to all your customers. So get the right look for your interior details and make all your customers happy and coming back!

Here’s something that some auto detailing business owners think are pointless in doing or don’t want to take the time to do. What you may not realize is how important and beneficial this can be to your business. If you’re wondering what kind of info that you should collect here are a few things to get you started.

Obviously first thing you want to have is your customer’s name. It’ll always make the customer feel more welcomed and comfortable when you know their name. I know for me I always forget what a customer or person may look like. Ways to put a face to a name to remember at least a little bit about them is by adding either a description of some sort. By this I mean either the vehicle they had, the detail they got done, a question they may have asked, or just something specific and simple that will remind you of that person.

Next thing you want to collect is the customer’s phone number. Usually the best number to get is their cell phone and then a secondary number. One thing that really makes a customer trust and enjoy your service is when you Continue reading…

With so many auto detailing brushes out there to choose from it makes it hard to know exactly which ones work or which ones that you’ll need. Each brush works better than others for certain jobs and some are great for multiple things. Here’s some brushes that Detail King knows are a must have for most of the detailing jobs you’ll be doing.

This first brush is going to be one of your best friends! A soft bristled
brush that is made for wheels, door jambs, engine compartments and vinyl/leather interior components. Just like some products having something that can be used in multiple ways is a plus for detailers! click here for more info

A cone brush is great for a few different reasons. This brush will help you to get in between spokes or further inside the wheels where other brushes can not reach. Not all detailers take off the wheels to clean the insides of them so this is a tool necessary to do so. Also great for cleaning in between all those hard to reach ares in the engine. click here for more info

Scrubbing the tires down right is what will help your tire shine last longer on the tire. There are multiple brushes needed since there are so many different tires out there. You’ll need a brush specifically for white walls which will be a brass bristled brush. Having a medium duty and heavy duty stiff polypropylene bristled brush is necessary for scrubbing tires. These brushes are stiff enough but safe enough to remove any of that dirt that’s caked onto the rubber.

A natural horse hair brush will really come in handy for working on both leathers and convertible tops. Natural Horse Hair Brush is nonabrasive, naturally soft, durable and exclusively designed to gently remove debris. click here for more info

Soft durable nylon bristled brushes are good for the interior carpets, seats, fabrics and vinyls. One with a sure-grip handle like in this picture is usually best for making the scrubbing easier to do. click here for more info

There’s so many more brushes you can use there just being some of the popular and main ones needed. To see more on these brushes and others click here.

Take care of your brushes by cleaning them after every use. Try not to leave your brushes in your buckets of water all day, this could be bad on your brushes causing the to deteriorate faster.

Lots of people are always asking or wondering why their microfiber towels just aren’t lasting that long. Well there are a few reasons why this could be and one of the biggest reasons usually is from them towels being washed improperly.

Of course it is very important in keeping your towels clean so that they can last and also be used correctly without cross contaminating products or collecting dirt. But… your microfibers will not even work effectively if not washed with the right product and washed properly.  Here’s a few tips of how to wash your Microfibers.

First things first, keep away from using high heat to dry your micro fibers. This will cause your micro fibers to dry and shrivel up, leaving them to not be able to absorb properly or effectively. Basically will make the towels useless.

Do NOT use fabric softeners, detergents with fabric softeners or bleach. This can cause them to be non absorbent or cause them to break apart and leave lint.Here is a product that does not have fabric softener in it and is specifically made for microfiber towels. Click Here

Air drying your towels is the safest way to make you microfibers last longer. If choosing to use a dryer be sure to dry on the lowest heat or no heat. Be sure to only dry micro fibers with microfibers. Microfibers will grab a hold of any lint given off by other items in your dryer if they are dried with anything else that lints.

Follow these instructions and use the correct product to treat your microfibers with the best care. This will not only safe the use and life on your microfiber towels but also in the long run save you money!

Check out our whole line up of microfiber products at Detail King’s Online Super Mall.

If you are serious about getting the word out about your auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business then you need to have a marketing plan that utilizes the various social mediums that are available today. There are literally hundreds of channels the question is which ones should you use for your business? Use the ones that will work of course, but if you aren’t sure and do not want to waste your time trying social media channels that have not proven to be effective for your type of business model then I suggest you concentrate on the one I will write about below. All of these have been proven as an effective way to promote an auto detailing or car reconditioning business.

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