Archived Blog Posts for February, 2012

As an Auto Detailer and business owner, you know that you need ways of attracting customers to you. Being a great detailer by cleaning/detailing the inside and outside of a vehicle is great, but being able to do more than just your ordinary detail will not only help attract customers but also help you to make MORE MONEY! 

People are tending to hold onto their cars a lot longer now, and so that means there’s services that are highly needed more and are starting to get more popular to up-sell. These types of services we’re talking about here are restoration services. On top of your usual exterior and interior details many vehicles will have other imperfections in them. Imperfections such as oxidized headlights, paint chips, faded plastic trimmings, cigarette burns, leather/vinyl tears, faded or stained carpets, and much more!

These are great ways to take yourself to the next level and make some big bucks in your Auto Detailing Business! But, these aren’t things that you can just buy and do without the proper training or experience. Just like any job you should have the proper knowledge in what you do. Get the proper training and products needed and guaranteed you will not regret it! Detail King highly encourages you to look into offering these types of services and you’ll grow your business! So set yourself apart from the rest and look into adding these restoration services to your Auto Detailing Business. Go beyond ordinary!

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Detail King has come across so many detailers who have certain ways of detailing. One question has been, “is it even necessary to remove car seats and rims to detail”? Well… here’s the your answer. It’s not really a question of it being necessary, it’s more so a question of is this a type of niche that you would want to offer to your customers. Some Detailers have found that this works for them to attract customers. Some people will say “well that’s just too time consuming…” agreed, but… that is where you would build that into your price.

Here are some pro’s and con’s to doing this. 

Pro’s: By removing these things this could make your detail a lot easier. With removing the seats you’re able to clean the areas that you would not normally be able to reach with any tool or even by hand. Even underneath of the seat if you’re that much of a perfectionist. Removing the wheels are the same thing. It will be a lot easier to clean the whole tire and even inside of the wheel/rim. You are able to maneuver the wheel around to whatever position you want to comfortably clean it.

Con’s: Of course like mentioned above this can be time consuming, especially if you are a one man team. One of the biggest things is making sure that you are taking the time to put all these things back together properly and securely. If you miss completely tightening down all the lug nuts on a wheel or tighten all screws down on a seat can be very dangerous to your customer, which hopefully this would NEVER happen, but mistakes can happen. So by offering this you put more responsibility on yourself to be even more aware and cautious. Being careful of not striping any bolts or pulling out any cables that may be attached to some electric components in the seats. Obviously if you break it you pay for it.

There are many ways of looking at this these just being a couple. Point being here is, no it is not truly necessary for you move remove the seats or wheels but it’s more of is this a niche that you can offer to attract customers like some other detailers do and seems to work!

If you decide that this is something that you do not want to take the time to do, then the thing that would definitely be necessary is to look into the proper tools and chemicals needed to be able clean those tough to reach areas. Now that is a must!

Whether you’re a professional detailer or just someone that enjoys detailing their own vehicle, we all know that detailing the interior can sometimes be such a pain and very time consuming. Now there are many different products and tools out there to help simplify doing the interior, but here is one tool that will top them all! The Tornador Interior Cleaning Tool here at Detail King!

This tool will not only help you save time but will also help you save product which means saving money!!! With this unique tool this will help you to clean and reach those areas the tend to be too difficult to reach or just to time consuming to do. Clean all those cracks and crevices within minuets, and make your life easier.

For optimal performance, the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool works best with an air compressor that produces 2 CFM or more at 90 psi, the higher CFM the better. One of the many useful features this tool allows you to switch over to just air which helps to blow out any dirt under seats or just those hard to reach areas.
Now meet the NEW improved Tornador Black! With new features that make this tool more powerful and last longer. This tool is hard to keep on the shelf! For more info on the Tornador Black click here.
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Nothing is more of a pain than seeing all those bugs just built up on the front of a vehicle. Some of these bugs tend to have proteins and acidic substances in them that can be harmful to the surface of the vehicle. This is where and why making sure you take the right steps and using the right products to removing these from the car are important. Check out this video below on the steps in how to remove bugs.

For more info on the bug off chemical used in this video click here.
More info on the bug off sponge in this video click here.

All auto detailers have their own input and ways of doing certain details. One thing I’ve noticed is that some like to apply wax on to the surface of a vehicle by hand and others by an orbital (porter cable, cyclo, gem) or dual action polisher. By far using a polisher can save you lots of time and also lots of product. But there’s no better judgment then the feel of your own hand.

For those of you who apply your products on by hand, what type of applicator do you use? Some auto detailers like to use a micro fiber towel or a micro fiber applicator. Well here’s another solution for you to better work your product into the vehicle surface instead of just using a plain micro fiber material.

The CCS Euro Foam Applicators are great for doing some light paint correction by hand! Just like the foam pads for buffers and polishers these come in a variety of textures for either doing light swirl/scratch correction to polishing and sealing with these applicators. The pockets create spaces for excess polish to accumulate – without soaking into the foam – until it is needed on the work surface. Then the polish is drawn up through the center dimples of each CCS pocket and onto the applicator’s work surface. This design saves product because the CCS pockets significantly reduce product absorption.

We strongly encourage you detailers who do your details by hand to pick these up and really make your work even more impressive! For more info on these applicators click here.