Archived Blog Posts for October, 2011

Detail King’s NEW Heads Up SUPER HIGH FOAMING Vehicle Wash is specially formulated with premium grade carnauba wax to help protect your car between washes. Heads Up creates “loads of long lasting foam.” Heads Up will not harm clear coat, chrome or polished aluminum surfaces. Mild on paint, tough on dirt, pleasant Cherry Scent, 100% biodegrable. Dispense 1-2 ounces into a 5 gallon bucket. Use pressure waster spray to create foam.

These Detail King Oil Absorber Pads are sturdy and soft but have a higher loft than standard products allowing for greater economy without compromising sorbency. These Pads can take in 30 times their own weight in liquids! Click the images above to learn more on this product.

Super tough, high performing wiper is made of DuPont Sontara. Outperforms paper with its larger size, low lint and overall durability. Excellent for rough, uneven surfaces, tough jobs, working with solvents, repairs and automotive clean up.