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Branding is every bit as important to a small auto detailing business as it is to a larger company like Detail King. Your Branding may be intentional or something that happens by accident. If you create a strong brand for your auto detailing business you should be able to achieve great things!
Your brand is how you communicate the essence of your auto detailing business. Many think of branding is a logo and your company colors, but it is actually much more than that. It is also your business name, the car detailing products and car detailing services that you provide, and how you “deliver” them to your customer. It’s the idea you create in your audience’s mind about who you are and what you do. It’s this idea of your brand that is so powerful, and prompts your customers to choose you over a rival auto detailing business.
Think about everywhere and every way your customer encounters your detailing business, from the appearance of your mobile rig, to the greeting they get when they call you, uniforms, signage, company collateral, and of course how well you performed your auto detailing service and your follow up. All of these are your brand touch points. Once you’ve identified your customer touch points, prioritize them, clean them up and begin branding or re brand your auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business.
Detail King has built our reputation on providing great products that are reasonably priced, extraordinary customer service, and always conducting all aspects of our auto detailing supply and equipment business in a professional manner. This is our Branding. We use our Detail King logo on all company web sites and brochures, have a clean and well organized facility and auto detailing school, and always treat the Detail King customer how we would like to be treated if we were them. Check out our Detail King Customer Reviews.
Work on branding your auto detailing business. You will find that a strong brand will grow your detailing business and you will reap all the rewards that comes from a well branded and professionally run car detailing business. If you have questions on how to go about branding your auto detailing business, I’m just an email or a phone call away.
Nick Vacco
Detail King