Archived Blog Posts for July, 2011

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Tag Your Auto Detailing Customers!
As you may know from attending one of Detail King’s auto detailing training seminars, Facebook has become a “must have” online networking tool for your detailing business. There are many features that Facebook offers to help car detailing businesses promote, sell, connect and market to their online community or even to local and current customers. A feature that not many detailing businesses take advantage of or maybe don’t think to use is the “Tag” option.
  • What the “tag” feature does is allows you to connect links, pictures, videos, wall posts to your Facebook friends or fans aka your detailing customers.
You may ask why or how could this be beneficial to my auto detailing business on Facebook? Well one great thing about Facebook is that everything that’s shared has its ways of connecting and spreading to others that you may not be connected with on your page or profile.
For example, say you posted a before and after pic of a customer’s car you recently detailed, simply “tag” them to the picture and that will show up on their profile page which will also allow those whom are friends with that person to see that picture which works its way back to you. That could lead to a sale or at least start to promote your auto detailing work and start to build a stronger following. The more you take advantage of these little marketing niches the greater the opportunity you create to gain more customers for your car detailing business.
So don’t just read about it, DO IT!
Written by Matt Cogley
Director of Marketing