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A large portion of our car enthusiast recommend that we offer an economical way of removing bonded contaminants from their vehicle’s painted surfaces. Our Medium Grade Detailer’s Speedy Surface Prep Towel Combo is the solution! This kit effortlessly removes bonded contaminants and will leave the painted surfaces smooth, slick, and contaminant-free!

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The Professional Soft Grip Deluxe Wheel Well Brush is a premium detailing scrubbing brush made for professional use. This brush features a soft grip handle, ergonomically designed for comfort while working. It utilizes 2″ Blue bristles used to remove dirt and grime from wheel wheels and inner fenders.

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Cleaning in the wheels can be difficult and cleaning the lug nuts can pose even more of a challenge. The Professional Soft Grip Lug Nut Brush is designed to reach completely around any size lug nut, on any size wheel. The unique, wrap-around design is composed of three separate brushes inserted into the handle. Each brush is loaded with flexible bristles that completely remove any grime and residue caught around the nut’s perimeter.

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If you have been searching for the worlds best car polishing compound, well do we have news for you! Diamond Cut Ultra is a modern, fast acting, body shop safe, car polishing compound designed to remove 800 grit or finer sand scratches or other correctable paint blemishes. This superior formulation provides a high gloss, haze free finish with easy clean up.

Virtually, this compound will produce no dust and will leave no swirls! This is the most advanced compound Detail King has ever offered, and is sure to be a key to your businesses success!

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to get in between wheels, spokes, grills, and other miscellaneous areas? Well, Detail King’s Cone Brush is a very uniquely designed brush that uses stiff tampico bristles to give excellent cleaning capabilities for in-between wheel spokes as well as slotted front grill areas and all other areas you may need.

This large cone wheel brush features the white, tampico bristles, twisted in a rust-proof wire. Additionally, this brush has a plain sanded, ergonomic wood handle with a hanger in end.

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