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No one detailing tool can do everything, but the Detail Mate comes pretty close! This multi-functional auto detailing tool can be used to clean both the interior and exterior.

The detail mate comes equipped with a 9 brush kit that works to clean both tight and large spaces. The versatility of this tool makes it great for cleaning around seats, doors, carpets, and basically any other area of a vehicle!

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Maintenance details are necessary to protect your investment, especially on high-end vehicles. The experts here at Detail King will show you how to properly clean the exterior of a car. Learn how to properly wash the vehicle, wax the painted surfaces, and dress the tires.

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Cleaning your vehicle’s carpet is a daunting task. Dirt from your shoes becomes trapped in the fabric and seems impossible to remove. Many products claim to leave your carpet looking show room new however, that typically is not the case.

There is no one step product that will complete restore your carpet. Here at Detail King we have developed a system that will recondition your carpet and have it looking pristine. Check out this video to find out the best way to clean your carpet.

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Paint correction is a detailing process that not everyone is comfortable with and can take hours to do. Detail King’s One Step Prep is a great glaze for removing light scratches and water spots.

This product is a one step cleaner, glaze, and wax that offers up to 3 months of protection. One Step Prep is an excellent product for car dealerships especially because it decreases time and labor expenses.

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Having a difficult time polishing  in tight body panels? The Flex PE8 Lightweight Polisher is the perfect tool for you! This lightweight rotary polisher is perfect for motorcycle detailing, detailing in tight areas, and spot repair!

Detailers know that it is near impossible to do a satisfactory correction job with just one tool. That being said this tool is a must have for hard to reach areas. Next time you’re detailing in a tight area choose the Flex PE8 Lightweight Polisher!

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