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Water spots not only detract from a vehicle’s appearance but, also cause more damage than most realize. While water eventually evaporates, any dirt trapped in the water is left behind, building up on your vehicle’s surface.

Spot Spray is an easy to use product that quickly and easily removes water spot’s from a vehicle’s paint. Simply spray Spot Spray on to the vehicle’s surface and wipe off and water spots will be a thing of the past.

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Looking to protect your car for the upcoming winter months? Hiring a professional is always a smart move but isn’t in everyone’s budget. Time to take matters into your own hands!

With Detail King’s Dream Team Polish Kit you can protect your paint like a pro. These polishes are great for protecting a car’s paint and you don’t even have to own a polisher! Each polish can be applied easily by hand and will have your car ready for the winter!

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Do you own an auto detailing business? If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level then Detail King’s Authorized Licensee program could be a good fit for you.

By becoming a Detail King Authorized Licensee you set yourself apart from the competition by showing that you are part of something bigger. Advertising with the Detail King logo will help grow your brand. If that isn’t enough, check out our Authorized Licensee Conference video at the very least we know how to have a good time!

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Wouldn’t it be great if you had one towel for everything? This new heavy fluffy plush edgeless microfiber towel is pretty close! This towel is multipurpose and can be used for Wax, Compound and Polish Removal; Waterless Wash, Drying Towel, Instant Detailer, Spray Waxes and Hand Polishing.

The towel is edgeless which means their are no tags leaving no risk for scratches. This towel is extra durable and actually gets softer with each wash!

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Tired of having dirty wheels? A vehicle’s wheels can make or break the appearance, but not everyone has the time detail their wheels or the money to hire a professional.

Wheel Wax is a great product that quickly details your wheels. This product is one step, just apply and remove and your wheels will look like you just had them professionally detailed.

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