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Whether you are just starting a auto detailing business or looking to grow your current one, this Detailing Business Marketing Essentials CD has everything a professional auto detailer needs to start promoting their business. This CD includes Business Card, Hand Out Card, Door Hanger/Mirror Hanger, and Sandwich Sign Templates.

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If your looking to kill harmful bacteria and freshen you car’s air conditioning system, Frigi Fresh is what you need! This product will help eliminate musty odors that have been generated from cars ventilation system. Also, this is a great service for a auto detailer to add onto their service menu.

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Carl is a newer member of the DK Team! Carl is in the process of revamping both Detail King’s Amazon Seller Channel and DK Authorized Licensee Program, and will be tackling more challenging projects in the future!

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The Summer weather can really take it’s toll on an automobile’s finish, that is why Detail king offers our Summer Survival Car Care Kit! The kit includes everything you will need to keep your vehicle bug free, clean and gleaming all the way into the autumn months. If you love your car and want to keep it clean and protected this is the perfect car care kit for you!

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This California Water Blade will quickly remove water from your vehicle’s surface and drastically cut your drying time! “Blade” seems like the wrong word for this great product because it’s not sharp at all. However, blade does a good job describing how the Jelly Blade cuts through water. It’s unreal!

Like its older siblings, the Jelly Blade is designed to cut your drying time by two thirds by whisking away 90% of standing water. After washing your vehicle or after a quick rain shower, there’s no faster way to dry your vehicle than the Jelly Blade!

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